Great White Snark: Passion for plaid and fashion (plaishion?).

Friday, November 9, 2012

Passion for plaid and fashion (plaishion?).

So this is a weird story. 

I got a subscription to Vogue a while back's Vogue. If they said that wearing bat wings on your head was in fashion, bat wings would be everywhere. It's probably one of the most influential fashion establishments on the planet. And also, everytime someone is like, "I don't get fashion, why does it matter?" I just want to play this scene from The Devil Wears Prada:

 So, anyway, an ongoing advert in Vogue is membership to their archives, where you can see all the pages from every issue since the 1800's when it started. SO TEMPTING, but I'm pretty much "Chanel taste on a Target budget," so it's a no-go. Anyway, there are a couple archived images they use in these ads, and the following is one of them: 

I remember seeing this picture a couple of times, and it enchanted me. I liked looking at it, because it's such a great and vivacious moment to capture. Anyway, I gazed for a few minutes then flipped the page to the next bit of glossy luxuriousness I could only dream of affording. 

I was in the break room the other day where I've donated a pile of my old Vogue issues (after I collected 1 year's worth--for posterity, because I do actually think of things like that) to look through during lunch or whatever. And a co-worker of mine came across this image and sat and stared at it for a while, like I had done when I first saw it. And she's like, "I love this picture. She's just so full of life. She's like, 'f--k it!' and just being so vibrant and alive!" And she was absolutely right. I love the girl's attitude. It's one of those pictures where I want to caption it, "LIVE LIFE LIKE THIS CHICK!" Don't care about the rules, enjoy tradition but put your own spin on it, have fun. 
 It's one of those great images that was meant to just be part of a fashion editorial and ended up being AWESOME. It is full of life and vivacity and a flagrant disregard for stodginess. It takes something traditional and breathes new life into it, and I love this picture for that. 

The photo shoot is called "A Shot of Scotch." It was featured in Vogue's 1991 September issue and was shot by Arthur Elgort. The model is Linda Evangelista, and the rest of the shoot is equally as gorgeous. And, being of Scottish descent, I'm a bit partial to all the plaid. 

Image credit. You can see the rest of the shoot there, too! 

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