Great White Snark: March 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

"I'm an octopus-man."

I made a couple things and wanted to share. :)

I was at Ross a few weeks back and having seen the Aluma-Wallet infomercials while not sleeping, I saw one for $6 and decided, "what the heck," and got one.

Quick review: I like it, I recommend it, especially if you can get one for $6. Does it hold absolutely everything? No. I have a separate pouch for my cash (cute, right??), but it does hold a nice amount of cardage. I haven't tried the waterproof or "run it over with a truck" business, but it's decent. I like it because it fits in the tiny clutch I have to carry to work.

Honestly, I bought it with the sole intention of decoupaging it. :)))

It's almost impossible to find a decent wallet with a smooth, hard surface, so this was GOLD to my Mod-Podge obsessed mind.

I did the front in nauseating-girly-sparkly-pink-candyfluff-unicorn vomit. And I FINALLY put to use the Lisa Frank stickers I've had since I was 7 (those are LEGIT vintage, guys!). And then on the back, I utilized this KICKASS Star Wars sticker I got when Hot Topic went out of business. So overall, I really like it. :) I was actually thinking of making somewhat classier ones and giving them as Christmas presents. But that's pretty lame/cheap.

AND THEN, when I was at Michaels, I saw this super awesome octopus pendant. I've been wanting to buy one online for ages, but they're kind of expensive and I know the quality isn't great (unless I wanted to shell out for a sterling silver one, which run upwards of $35. And I do NOT want to pay $35 for an octopus.). So I found this one for $4 (bingo!), and while the quality isn't fantastic (I mean, let's get real: it was FOUR DOLLARS),I figured, "eh," and got it. Then I picked up some shell-looking beads and made it into a bracelet, since a) it had two loops where you could attach it, and b) I almost never wear necklaces to work just because I wear my lanyard, and let's not junk it all up shall we?

Anyway, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Happy creativity time!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"And the lion's roar is something that I have heard before."

I'm back from Wedding No.2! It was BEAUTIFUL. It took place in Georgia at a plantation, and my Mom and I stayed in a town just outside the area called Thomasville.

I will admit: we came into Thomasville through the back way, and it was sketchy as HELL. Like, probably makes the top 3 of sketchiest places I've ever been. I was like:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It was just NOT a place that two white females who are admittedly lost probably want to be. Alone. So we freaked out, but we finally got back on the main road and everything was fine and normal again. Our hotel was nice and everything, but we had a great time exploring the historic downtown.

It's cool, because the people who live there are passionate about preserving their town's history--and rightly so! I think more small towns need to remember their roots and keep a local economy as opposed to falling prey to the major chains. But that's a rant for another day. :)

My personal favorite place was this incredibly neat little shop called Firefly. I don't know who's in charge of their merchandising, but they should get a prize.

Love the Mason jar lamps!

This awesome "M" crest was on some stationery. I didn't buy it because it was pricey and I don't write as many letters as I used to, but it was such a cool design!

They had some awesome toys too, and this fox mask was one of my favs.

These were my purchases:

A handmade deer plushie/keychain (I named it Rosebud), an owl bookmark, and this AWESOME little purse with a Union Jack on it. You open it up and inside is cherry lip balm! WINNING! And get the name: "purse your lips." SO CLEVER, RIGHT??

The town had some other fascinating shops with lots of cool, kitschy wares.

These were inside one of the antique shops (of which there were many). It looks like a film set! I want to live in BOTH of these rooms!

And then, of course, there was the venue, Pebble Hill Plantation. SO GORGEOUS. I wasn't even aware that places this pretty existed in the USA. I would absolutely LOVE to go back for a proper visit...unfortunately, we didn't have time over this weekend to actually take a legitimate tour. But I'd love to go back!

The house had (multiple) stables and a FAMILY CEMETERY. I'm not sure how one goes about obtaining a familial crypt, but I TOTALLY intend to do so.

And of course, the wedding. Which was so lovely--a fairytale day and I can't think of a couple who deserves it more.

The actual ceremony took place under this ancient oak tree.

Congratulations, Jon and Elizabeth! I wish you the absolute best of everything in your future together. :)

And now, we'll finish with some gratuitous pictures of the blogger. ;)

Also, a song/music video. I read about this band in Nylon, and couldn't BELIEVE they were from Sweden! A lot of the shops in Thomasville also played their album, so I thought this was an appropriate time to share. :)

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weddings: 1 down, 2 to go.

(^ Every time I blog...)

Mom and I leave tomorrow for Georgia for my friend Elizabeth's wedding. I'm so looking forward to the entire thing: first of all, I recall quite well how anxious she was waiting for her then-boyfriend to "pop the question," and here they are now getting married. I'm so grateful that I've been able to share this journey with her and that I'm getting to see the culmination this weekend!
Secondly, the thing takes place far away, which means I HAVE AN EXCUSE TO STAY IN A HOTEL FOR A COUPLE NIGHTS! I am so blissfully excited. I've had major vacation envy--I swear, if I heard one more person come into the store and be like, "I need new stuff because I'm going on vacation/cruise/Spring Break" I was going to explode into a Hulk-like fury. So I'm extremely grateful to get to do this, especially with my Mom. She desperately needs a break, too, so I'm looking forward (very much) to just getting away. Even if it is only Friday-Sunday. I fully intend to eat poorly, sit outside by the hotel pool (if they have one), and read trashy magazines. It'll be BRILLIANT.

So now I'm just trying to pack, even though we're leaving in the morning. Meh.

Stay tuned to hear how I do with "The Big One," being the third and final wedding in Richmond, VA, this April.

Since I won't be here for St. Pat's this year, I'll leave with you this gem:

St Patricks Day - Comments

Friday, March 9, 2012

I love this quote. I have it taped to my door so I see it every day, and it just serves as a good reminder to be careful with ourselves. We are usually our own biggest critics--everyone else who you think is judging you is usually too absorbed in worrying about themselves to notice what you're up to. We tend to expect too much of ourselves, judge ourselves too harshly, and compare ourselves with the people around us.

Take a deep breath and realize all the unique gifts and flaws that make you uniquely YOU. I used to HATE the fact that I'm a worrier and a bit of a Type A. I'm laughably paranoid, and I get anxious over the most ridiculous things. I used to compare myself with my carefree friends and wish I was able to just go with the flow like they did. I won't lie--there are still times I wish this was true. But generally, I've accepted the fact that I will over-analyze a situation, think of the worst case scenario first, and worry my head over the silliest things. AND THAT'S OKAY. It's part of who I am. It has always been thus, and it will always be.

Things are really discouraging right now as young adults. I know this. Searching for jobs is utterly depressing. We, as a generation, are overeducated, overworked and underpaid. We are the first generation since the Great Depression who have done worse economically than our parents. Things are really rough right now, and it's so easy to be down on yourself. But don't be. Focus on the things you ARE doing. If you're in school, working on a degree, going to trade school, working and saving up--all of these are extremely worthy uses of your time! And if you're not and wish you were, make it happen! This is a brilliant time for being in school. Lots of my friends have graduated then gone back for more education simply because of the job market. And there are jobs out there. They are probably not the glamorous jobs of your dreams, but they do exist if you're willing to work hard and seek them out. Don't let anything (especially yourself!) stand in the way of accomplishing your goals!

Statistically and historically, things will get better. The economy didn't crash overnight and it won't be fixed overnight. In the meantime, focus on doing something which fulfills you and remember to be kind to yourself. Take that time, even if it's 30 minutes, to do something you love (walk the dog, sit in the sun, read a book, drink a good cup of tea, etc.). You absolutely deserve it, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hang in there, guys! I know things are discouraging sometimes...I need a pick-me-up every so often, and I hope that this quote can be that little lift in your day like it is in mine.

{On a somewhat but not quite as faux-inspirational note, Plato's in Oviedo is hiring! We need someone with 5-7 days availability, so if you're interested leave a comment or contact me!}

Friday, March 2, 2012

March hare.

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Yeah, I'm a day late for the welcoming of March. Whatever, it's not like this blog is quality anymore anyway.

So here's what's new in my life as of March 2012:

-I work. A lot. Which is good, because if I didn't have a job I'm relatively certain I'd just sit at home online all day and mope around about not having a job (or a rich husband). Although, I really like being the store manager. I have time now for the extra responsibilities and I feel like I'm handling it all well so far. The store is MOVING in April! We're going to a new location right off of Chapman and Alafaya (you know the 711 that's there? There's a new shopping center right next to it, and we'll be there!). We've bought three stores and they're currently under construction to make them into one BIG store. So I'm ridiculously excited about getting in there. It'll be big, clean, and new. And, hopefully, because it's right on the highway people will actually be able to, y'know, SEE us, and then sales will improve. Hopefully. HOPEFULLY. May 1st will be our first day, so stay tuned (we're trying to plan some kind of Grand Reopening special thing, and you'll hear about here first)!

Seriously, if you have nothing to do, go through your closet, bring us your crap, and buy a t-shirt. ALSO, if we buy any of your stuff and you decide to put that money towards a purchase, you save on the sales tax. So like, you have no excuse. COME SEE US OMG.

-This spring is going to be hectic (and expensive) because I have three weddings to attend. Granted, I'm thrilled because weddings are FUN and I dearly cherish all three of the brides (I know all of them through the brides).
The first wedding is March 10th (my birthday!) and it's for one of our oldest family friends. Their oldest daughter is getting married.
One week later (on St. Pat's!), my dear friend, Elizabeth, is getting married in Thomasville, GA. It's going to be a beautiful outdoor affair at a southern plantation. I am SO excited. Mom and I are going up for three days, so it'll be a nice little getaway.
And then, at the end of April, I'm flying up to Virginia for my friend Meagan's wedding. I'm also the Maid of Honor! I've never been Maid of Honor before! The last time I was IN a wedding, I was 7 and the flower girl for one of my aunts. So it's been a while! This whole ordeal is full of firsts, too. I've never flown before (okay, that's technically not true. This one time, right after Michael was born, I flew to NC with my Mom, but I don't remember it AT ALL), so this will technically be my first time flying. It's also my first time flying alone. So that's two biggies.

I won't pretend that I'm not TERRIFIED.

My Dad has a severe phobia of flying (hence why I'm nigh on 23 and haven't, in my conscious memory, ever flown before), so I'm a little panicky. I'm also super worried about the TSA, having heard nothing but horror stories. But I figure it this way: since all I've heard is how horrid flying is, I'll be pleasantly surprised if it turns out to not be that terrifying.

I will be live-blogging the whole event via my Twitter (which I almost never use, except to follow other people), so I'll post the link to that as it gets closer.

Also, the whole flight, I'll be thinking of this GIF and either crying or laughing, depending on how the whole thing is:
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-I'm in a reading rut. I need help. Any suggestions? Leave a comment!

-I've been looking for jobs somewhere in my field of study, but it's so weird, because I really want to get into editing and publishing, but the written word is going extinct. I'm literally part of a dying breed. So a lot of stuff is moving online, and it's even harder to get work online because you don't have proper job interviews and can't really leave a physical first impression (which is always my trump card) or a hard copy of your resume with a real live person. So it's very odd. But I feel like I'm where I'm meant to be right now, and something will come along when the timing is right. Now it's just a matter of being patient...


Sorry I've been such a terrible blogger lately. I just have a strict "no work blogging" policy and since I'm there 5-6 days a week, there's little else that consumes my time. And I don't like disparaging customers, either, because that's not really fair. We've all had bad days and some of us are just WEIRD, and it's not my place to sit and judge them and discuss (read: make fun of) them when they've left the store. I like to leave work at work. Which means when I'm home, it's pretty much family and Bixby. Which I'm sure you guys are all like, "OMG THAT PUG. IT'S NOT EVEN THAT CUTE." So I'll spare you. Which means that I blog about once a month about all the glamorous, exciting things that aren't happening in my life. :)

If you ever have anything you want me to blog about or any questions about ANYTHING, hit me up! I'm always up for stuff like that.