Great White Snark: "I'm an octopus-man."

Monday, March 26, 2012

"I'm an octopus-man."

I made a couple things and wanted to share. :)

I was at Ross a few weeks back and having seen the Aluma-Wallet infomercials while not sleeping, I saw one for $6 and decided, "what the heck," and got one.

Quick review: I like it, I recommend it, especially if you can get one for $6. Does it hold absolutely everything? No. I have a separate pouch for my cash (cute, right??), but it does hold a nice amount of cardage. I haven't tried the waterproof or "run it over with a truck" business, but it's decent. I like it because it fits in the tiny clutch I have to carry to work.

Honestly, I bought it with the sole intention of decoupaging it. :)))

It's almost impossible to find a decent wallet with a smooth, hard surface, so this was GOLD to my Mod-Podge obsessed mind.

I did the front in nauseating-girly-sparkly-pink-candyfluff-unicorn vomit. And I FINALLY put to use the Lisa Frank stickers I've had since I was 7 (those are LEGIT vintage, guys!). And then on the back, I utilized this KICKASS Star Wars sticker I got when Hot Topic went out of business. So overall, I really like it. :) I was actually thinking of making somewhat classier ones and giving them as Christmas presents. But that's pretty lame/cheap.

AND THEN, when I was at Michaels, I saw this super awesome octopus pendant. I've been wanting to buy one online for ages, but they're kind of expensive and I know the quality isn't great (unless I wanted to shell out for a sterling silver one, which run upwards of $35. And I do NOT want to pay $35 for an octopus.). So I found this one for $4 (bingo!), and while the quality isn't fantastic (I mean, let's get real: it was FOUR DOLLARS),I figured, "eh," and got it. Then I picked up some shell-looking beads and made it into a bracelet, since a) it had two loops where you could attach it, and b) I almost never wear necklaces to work just because I wear my lanyard, and let's not junk it all up shall we?

Anyway, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Happy creativity time!

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