Great White Snark: February 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Beautiful book haul!

If you couldn't tell by now, I love books (seriously, if you didn't know that, GET OUT). More than almost anything, except possibly animals. Almost certainly more than I love most people ("most" being the key word). 

Well, as every book lover knows, the quote by Erasmus is 100 million percent accurate: “When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”

I was browsing Etsy for some pretty, antique books to add to my collection (old books excite me more than they should), and I stumbled upon a couple of treasures from BittyBJoy. I tracked their shipping feverishly, but it was so expedient I only had to wait 3 DAYS! 

You can imagine my excitement when I came home to a package this afternoon. But then I opened it, and my elation was boundless. 

They came wrapped in these beautiful vintage handkerchiefs, with cheery orange ribbon! So pretty, and such a lovely surprise! Now I own HANKIES in addition to beautiful books!

The books I ordered were Essays of Elia and Last Essays by Charles Lamb, and Under the Sign of Jupiter by Susan Sontag. 

The one I was really excited about was the Charles Lamb book, which I'll admit I've wanted to read since I read about it in my beloved The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I ordered the other one, honestly, because I liked the cover art (I feel a bit shallow admitting this, but I REGRET NOTHING).

It's so pretty! I love the vintage cover art. It's an ex-library book, so I love that it's been held in so many hands before mine. It has all the quaint library stamps, too. And it's small enough that it can easily be toted around with me for when I get bored, or stuck in a line, etc!

Love, love, LOVE this book! So excited to add it to my collection!

And can we all just take a minute to examine the purely freaking majestic artwork of this book?

Not only is it royal purple, but it's a gentleman who appears to be observing a giant pocketwatch (or time itself?) slip into the ocean...all beneath the watch of SATURN. It's a book of essays on film criticism, which I'm afraid is a topic I know very little about, but I'm going to attempt to read it. If the inside does nothing for me, I'll either keep it just to look at or pass it along to someone who'd appreciate the content and not just the cover. 

I just had  to share my treasures with you. If you're into pretty, unique, or antique books, check  BittyBJoy out! It's an awesome and delightful shop, and it was such a pleasure to do business with them. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great, and would suffice."

I had a singular experience yesterday. 

I had to scrape ice off my car for the first time in my life!

I rushed out the door on my way to work (as I usually do on Monday mornings) and sat in the car, per usual.   My windshield was frosted over, but that's nothing new, as I always park outside. I flipped on the wipers, and...NOTHING HAPPENED. 

It wasn't just frost that covered my windshield. It was hard, cold, solidly frozen ICE. 

Having lived in Florida my entire life, I was absolutely baffled by this phenomenon. 

My first reaction when the wipers didn't work was

Then I decided, "Hey, I graduated college. I CAN FIGURE THIS OUT." So I did that little thing where you can spray water onto your windshield. I tried the blades again. NOTHING. At this point, I was like

My parents, both having lived up north for a good portion of their lives, weren't there to ask for help. My dad had looong since gone to work (tax season sucks for everyone, but especially for accountants) and my mom was asleep. I couldn't justify waking her for something as asinine as, "How do you get ice off your windshield?"

So, with a stroke of genius, I went inside and grabbed the squeegee from my shower. I had to WORK (like, I put my BACK into it) to scrape the ice, but it did come off. 

"Don't clap." 

Then I had to take pics to document the whole affair, it being my first time and all. 

This was my sunroof!

The windshield, with an eerie-looking sun desperately trying to break through the ice. 

And after my handiwork. 

All I can say is, I'm unbelievably glad to live in a place where this happens once, maybe twice, in a person's lifetime. EWW. Bring on those 85 degree days!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Things That Are NOT On My To-Do List (with expected reaction gif's)

  • Laugh my ass off during an episode of Downton Abbey (x)
  • Get ready for my hot date on Friday night! (x)
  •  Practice my answers for all the job interviews I have lined up for  the “poem interpretation,” “people who have read Dracula upwards of 3 times,” and “19th century laws of primogeniture and entail” jobs (x)
  •  Rack up all my credit cards! (x)
  •  Start that new fad diet everyone is on (x)
  • Sign up for phlebotomy lessons (x)
  • Go public with my burgeoning rap career (x)
  • Get tan (x)
  • Wear something other than yoga pants and Star Wars t-shirts this weekend (x)
  • Go back to get my Master’s, because 2 degrees in English will MOST DEFINITELY do me a lot more good than just one! (x)
  • Start training for the marathon (x)
  • Go blonde (x)
  • Catch up on every season of “Keeping Up With The Kartrashians” (x)
  • Get that tattoo I’ve been meaning to get (x)