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Sunday, February 12, 2012

New thingie!


So I thought I'd do a new feature called

wherein I can show you guys some of the cool stuff I manage to score at work. I'm not usually one who likes "hauls" or whatever, but I love a good deal and want to share some of the excellent bargains I find on a daily basis at my job. Also, I am shamelessly advertising.

So, these are my last four purchases that I'm still pretty super excited about:

I really liked this suede, zippered, asymmetrical jacket from Rampage when it came in. It just looks badass. Also, YAY for being able to wear it today! It still had the tags attached, too, which is great because it's like, "Oh, I'm getting a superbargain!"

Avg. retail price: aprox. $48
Plato's Price: $16

The next item is this cool zebra-print messenger bag from H&M. I really thought it was kind of different, and I love messenger bags because a) they're comfy and b) they hold everything!

Avg. retail price: approx. $24
Plato's Price: $7

I went back and forth on this Kathy Van Zealand bag because I really liked the slouchy style (and the fact that it's smaller than most of my black handbags--though it doesn't look like it in the picture!), but I've had Kathy's before and the quality is just okay. They tend to wear and tear pretty easily. But it's a super comfy bag and I liked the hardware details, so I figured, "What the heck, why not." Plus, I get a discount. So that sealed the deal for me!

Avg. retail price: $89
Plato's Price: $18

And finally, BETSEY JOHNSON WALLET. Need I say more?

Okay, so it's Betseyville, which is her retail-geared cheaper line, but I love it anyway. I especially love the lightning bolt zipper pull. And the inside is really cool, too. It has a neat little button-closed box inside--perfect for chapstick and change (because what else do you need in a wallet?). I fell in love. And there's another one currently in the store in red and pink!

Avg. retail price: approx. $30-50
Plato's Price: $11

So, yay! Also, all the above Plato's Prices are what they price at in the store WITHOUT my employee discount. Before you guys go running around thinking I have loads of money to spend. Because I don't. I just happen to work in the face of temptation.

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