Great White Snark: Last weekend.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last weekend.

Last weekend, I went to Sweetwater Park deep in Oviedo. I didn't even know it existed until I drove by it one day on my way home from the library. I decided to go last Saturday and took some pics. Thought I'd share (as always: click to enlarge). 

There's a boardwalk, which is pretty much the only thing (apart from a tennis court) the park has.

 Lots of creepy-crawlies! My Mom touched the snail and I almost puked. Spiders? No big deal. But LOOK AT THIS HORRIFYING ALIEN SNAIL! What is wrong with it's head?? And why was its shell translucent?? These things were crawling all over the railings of the boardwalk. Almost fainted.

Salamanders I don't mind, though (is it true they're fireproof?).

Squirrel defying the laws of gravity.


Some fungus growing on a log.


Artwork courtesy of the local Oviedo branch of Satanists. GOD LOVE 'EM.

Overall it And swampy. And I'm not sure why it's called "Sweetwater" because there wasn't any water at all.

I think I love Oviedo a lot more in my head than in actuality. I imagine it being this little quaint town with neat little parks and nature spots and it's really just a little creepy. As my Mom astutely pointed out, "There are probably homeless people living under the boardwalk." 
Yeah, that and the morbid chickens who hang out at the Popeye's.

My Mom and I also made Sherman a new cage (and when I say that, I mean my Mom designed it and I was an assistant). He'd eaten through his old one pretty badly in some places, so we got some coroplast (the stuff they make signs out of) and the wire shelving you can get at office stores and designed him some new digs. 

 We even gave him a built-in hay trough!

He didn't want to come out of his igloo for a picture, but I think he likes it.

Anyway, that's what I did last weekend. And I finished a couple of books. I'm due for some book reviews on here. Not sure what I'm gonna do this weekend. I just know I'm SO GLAD it's almost here! 
If you haven't watched Downton Abbey: YOU SHOULD!
The inventor of the Weekend should be kissed and canonized.

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  1. Sherman is VERY cute! Love his little white mohauk!:)