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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well, unemployment was short.

I got a call that the receptionist quit last Friday, so the office was down two people instead of one, and they wondered if I'd take the receptionist job. I said "yes," even though I've never done that kind of work before. Today was my first day. It's mostly answering phones and data entry, so I'm glad I'm getting to learn how to do that stuff. 

On another note, I saw this article and had to write about it.
Omg, so apparently, women in Japan are going and having a procedure done that gives them crooked teeth on purpose, because men in Japan find it "attractive and endearing." What they're doing is going into Dental Salons (that's apparently a thing) and having temporary caps placed on their canine teeth so they appear "snaggletoothed." This is wild to me, especially knowing what we spend on orthodonture in the US to assure perfectly straight teeth.

But that's not what I find most perplexing. 

I'm all about loving your flaws--Cindy Crawford's mole? Madonna and Anna Paquin's tooth gaps? Love them! Tyra Banks even coined the word "flawsome," meaning your flaws are awesome, and I agree! I love the little irregularities that make people beautiful and unique and deviate from the typical "plastic" look that comes out of Hollywood. But I'm not sure how I feel about people giving themselves flaws just to achieve that "unique" look. I feel like that goes against that entire philosophy. It's just another procedure to cover up what you naturally have to obtain a look that's more trendy and "right now."

I'm so curious to see if this comes stateside. What do you think?

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  1. I am totally with you on this!!! If a girl want to meet some guy for long relationship, it is NOT smart to pretend, that you are something else. Well, I know we all do this to be more likable, but I mean that if the crooked teeth is the main reason He wants to be with you, than this is NOT smart, to have fake crooked teeth...