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Friday, May 31, 2013

Things I Am Terrible At

So, while I was bored one day I made a list of things I'm Awesome At and Things I Suck At (or, to be grammatically proper, "Things At Which I Am Awesome" and "Things At Which I Suck"). I was inspired by this video by Jenna Marbles, and thought I'd make a list instead of a video. Because of my duck voice and all. 

That and my Moviemaker is broken, and I don't have any other video editor because I'm poor of reasons.

So, without further ado:

Things I Suck At

  • Math. 

  • Dieting.

  • Running. 

  • Lip reading. 

  • Acting (but not lying...there's a difference)

  • Cutting anything with scissors. Cutting anything in a straight line EVER.

  • Anything that involves aim, including most sports. 

  • Estimating. Like, "How many people were there?" 12? 100? I have no idea. 

  • Dancing. I am white when it comes to dancing. 

  • Getting a tan. 

  • Reaching things that are high. 

    Next up: my list of things I'm GREAT at! Because I don't want everyone to message me and be like, "Omg, Mary, why do you hate yourself??" I don't, just calm down. 

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