Great White Snark: Things I Am Really Effing Great At

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Things I Am Really Effing Great At

I promised last time that I would do Part II of the "Things I Suck At" post, which is naturally entitled

Things I Am Pretty Spectacular At (or Things At Which I Am Pretty Spectacular)

  • Spelling and grammar. 

  • Handwriting.
    Okay, not THAT good, but still...

  • Picking out individual smells or notes in perfumes, foods, or jellybeans. 

  • Yoga. Or at least the easier poses in yoga.

  • Quoting Mary Poppins, The Princess Bride, Star Wars, and Mean Girls.

  • Shopping. And not only am I good at the act of shopping, but I'm great at finding something for the absolute cheapest price.

  • Finding things on the internet. I'm a Googlemaster. 

  • Understanding what dogs are saying.

  • Imagining things.

    Especially epic conversations that will either never happen or didn't happen the way I wish they had. 

  • Whistling. I'm a great whistler. 

See? I think acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses makes me a well-rounded and self-actualized individual. 


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