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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sooo, in my internet exploration yesterday, I discovered that you can buy (cheap!) yoga mats from CafePress. And I wanted to share my favorites, because sharing is caring. 

Sassypants Betsey Johnson-esque leopard:

 Two koi (which I liked since I'm a Pisces):

 Classical nature print:

 Edgar Allan Poe Yoga!!!

 Some pretty scroll-looking design:

Shakespearean insults:  

 Pink Trekkie:


And this one, which I made and ordered ($16 is SOOO worth a Jedi yoga mat), because yoga is basically Jedi-training without lightsabers:

This one was my favorite, but a) it was $55 on Etsy, and b) it's sold out! =(

I think my Force mat is a good substitute. :) 

(Oh my god, I think my nerdiness just reached a whole new level.)

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