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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So, I'm shelf reading at my job, which is where you look and make sure all the books are neatly on the shelf and in proper alphabetical order. And I come across this:
And the first thing my mind thinks of is this:

Wasn't he supposed to be retired?? Wishful thinking?


Job is great. I'm working for my dad, too, during tax season which is nice. I haven't read anything amazing in 2014, but I did read something kind of funny, so expect a book review here soon. 

Personal life= nonexistent. Social life= pretty much the same. 

BUT, I'm thinking sometime this year I'll apply for grad school to get my master's in library sciences. Which is dangerous and exciting and scary all at once. Is it problematic that the most terrifying aspect of that whole thing is passing the math section on the GRE?

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  1. The most terrifying process of my young adult life was the GRE. I loathed every minute of its existence. I'm pretty sure I got into grad school in spite of my GRE scores... Also, I want my master's in library science too! Glampirates think alike. ;)