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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My life according to snarky cartoons.

What's New With Me:

-It's the most wonderful time of the year for both accountants and students, which happens to be DOUBLY wonderful if you're both. Between the 15th on Friday (and all the extensions afterwards...) and finals coming up, I am quite, quite busy.

-That being said, when I am stressed or emotionally whatever, sleep is always the first thing to go. Needless to say, I am tired from like a week of really poor sleep (when it finally decides to grace me with its presence). My only solution, to both the sleeplessness and the stress, has been MOAR KICKBOXING, which in turns tires me out and makes me feel better. There's just something about punching the air with everything you've got. *eyeroll*

-I have a bunch of papers due. One is on marriage in 18th century England and how Elizabeth Bennet manages to defies those expectations. One is about Persuasion. Another consists of me making future lesson plans using nothing but the rather bland curriculum of my Renaissance lit class (there are only so many sonnets). Another has to do with current educational issues, like "how substitute teachers should exercise authority over their classes" and "are school lunches responsible for the obesity epidemic?" And finally, I have a group project on an undetermined topic. You can imagine my excitement.

-In happier news, I love Bethany Lehman.

^^Because I do this to her A LOT. ;D

-I went for the first of my advisory meetings today regarding graduation, and, oh my Lord, to my great surprise, everything looks like it's ON TRACK. *cue Hallelujah chorus* I'd do a happy gif spam, but I'll save it for when I actually graduate. Anyway, I have to take 5 classes this summer then THAT'S IT, BABY: I AM DONE!!!!

-Those five classes are so lame and as of right now are
1. Caribbean Literature (lol wtf?)
2. Literature and Pop Culture (actually excited about this)
3. Medieval Humanities
4. The Evolution of Video Games (Mario FTW!)
5. Professional Writing (including, but not limited to, reports and memos! GET EXCITED.)
I am technically done with all the credits for my major. I need upper level classes in any subject. I really wanted to take a psych class called "Human and Animal Relationships" but you needed the gen ed psych as a pre-requisite. I took anthropology instead. Meh. Anyway, busy summer, but I can't wait.

-I whine about being busy, but I secretly like it. Like today, I went and did schoolwork in the library. It has been the highlight of my week so far.

-I signed Bixby up for classes at PetSmart. We start Sunday. :))) Also, he turns one next Thursday (!!!).

In closing:



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