Great White Snark: School daze.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

School daze.

Bixby had his first day of school today.

It went a little like this:

He made himself as small as possible and kept trying to disappear behind my legs. I have seriously, in all my encounters with dogs, never seen a dog act so timid before (apart from my grandparents' dog, who was ABUSED. Bixby isn't abused...he's just SUPER shy). He like, shrank away from all the other dogs and wouldn't even eat the treats. He was just like, shaking.

Obviously, he needs to be socialized more. This is my goal. I'll take him out on small errands and to places where there are people, and hopefully get him used to being out, and let him realize that he won't actually die in a flaming explosion of pain if other people see him.


He did fine with the tricks. He's obviously just a socially-retarded genius.

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