Great White Snark: "Mr. Cotton's....parrot. Same question."

Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Mr. Cotton's....parrot. Same question."

Jewelry Edition!

This Betsey Johnson parrot necklace is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Plato's purchases. I had seen it at Dillard's when it came out and LOVED it, but it was $50 and I wasn't going to spend that much on it. So when it came into the store, BINGO! I love it for summer. It reminds me of Jimmy Buffet and pirates!
Avg. retail price: $50
Plato's Price: $18

I love owls. And I loved this rainbow owl necklace when I saw it.
Avg. retail price: approximately $20
Plato's Price: $5

This is so hipster, I can't even...

No, but seriously, I like this deer ring. It's cool. And I like it because it doesn't absolutely overwhelm my hand, which is a plus.
Avg. retail price: approximately $15-$30
Plato's Price: $4

And lastly, another gorgeous piece of Betsey Johnson jewelry. Plato's is feeding my addiction (and building my collection)! Every time I wear this, I get compliments, regardless of the low quality photography you see here.
Avg. retail price: $40
Plato's Price: $15

Come stop by sometime! We get in new stuff every day so it's a new store each time you come in. Except for me. I'm always there. I'm kind of a permanent fixture at this point.

Also, I thought I'd link you all to my Twitter so that you can start following me as I prepare for my trip to VA. I am SO nervous/excited! And I'm thinking of all kinds of stupid things, like, what bag should I use as my carry-on/purse? Which foundation should I bring? What happens if they lose my luggage? Is it cold inside of airplanes? I have a window seat, what if I need to pee???

It's gonna be a trip. In every sense of the word.

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