Great White Snark: "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts."

Friday, October 26, 2012

"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts."

There comes a time when all good cars must go on to the great Junkyard in the Sky. They've served us well, they've served their purpose, and they've lived a good car life. 

My blue car reached that point last weekend. 

It was so sad. That was my first car. It hauled me through the end of high school, all through college, and almost the entire first year of my "working, adult life." I would still, even recently, get a thrill driving it and being like, "Wow, it's my car." And I was stubborn to admit it was dying, because it was paid for. That's like, a GOLDMINE when you're working and making *insert pitiful number here*. But it was time. It was BEYOND noisy. We took it to the mechanic, and we were like, "Drive it and see what you think." He came back and he's like, "No way in hell would any girlfriend of mine drive that car on the highway." It was doing okay around town, but when I had to get on the interstates to go to work, it made a cacophony of almighty noises in all pitches and tones imaginable. I've had people tell me it was "like a tank," and "a rattlebox," and a car Big Joe Turner would like because it shakes, rattles and rolls. Nice. 

Lately, though, it wasn't just loud. It was...unsafe. It broke down on the highway and suffered quite a few more not-as-major-but-equally-scary issues. It got to the point where I was literally like: 
I may or may not be guilty of uttering those exact words. 

And other people, when I drove them, would be like:
And then I'd be like: 

because that was my baby! But secretly I knew they were right. The time had come. And the trip to the mechanic just confirmed it.

So today, I watched them take it back and I didn't see it again. And I will neither confirm nor deny that I teared up.


I went over to a nearby dealer because their website had a few great cars that I'd been looking at once we'd gotten the news that repairs on the Neon would cost more than the worth of the car. I fell in love immediately with one, a Toyota Avalon, because it's kind of like a granny-pimp car. It's an older car, but it's a lot better quality (older and better quality...kind of how I like my men. Or how I would like my men if I had them. *_~). Low mileage, within my price range...perfect.

It sold last night. And I died a small death inside when my mom told me this afternoon.

BUT!!! The person who wanted it didn't get their credit approved, so it was available to me today. I drove it and just knew. It's like when you go to the pet store and you know which dog is going to be your companion for the next 15 years. It was just that feeling of "this is right." So I didn't bother driving any other cars on the lot, and everything flew without a hitch.

So let me introduce to new vehicle.

It's SO POSH. I mean, a tractor might be posh next to what I'd been driving before, but it's got everything. I don't want to brag about features and stuff (I also don't want someone to figure out where I live and come steal it...yes, I really am that paranoid, deal with it), but suffice to say it's awesome. Literally the only problem is that split in the leather on the console, which should be an easy fix. And even if it's not, PUH-LEASE. I can deal with that.

SO EXCITED! I feel like I have a "grown up" car. And I did all the paperwork and everything myself, so I think I get Grown Up Points for that. 


Until the payments start coming in. Then I'll be reminded that, oh yeah, I'm poor. *_~

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  1. First off, congratulations on the new ride! You definitely got an amazing auto. And I totally understand your feeling about giving up your first one. At times, we get attached to things that symbolize our struggles. But we need to give it up for practical and safety reasons. I think Han Solo and Luke Skywalker would approve of your decision and congratulate you on your new car!