Great White Snark: Splish splash.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Splish splash.

In a move of shameless self-promotion, I wanted to show you guys my latest hobby: soap-making!

I love soap. I have always loved soap. And so one day (after I went to the Star Wars convention...a post for another day), I was trying to think of a hobby other than "wallow in self-pity," "read 120 pages of Tumblr at a time," "play with pug" or "read," and I was like, "Why have I never tried to MAKE soap?" There was no real logical answer, so I decided to give it a go.

Naturally, my Mom got all up in this because it's artistic, and she's like the Midas of the Arts. She can do it once, just barely touch it, and it turns to gold in her hands. 

So here are some pics of our soaps!

Apricot scrub soap.

Brown sugar/vanilla/honey almond soap.

This is actually the same soap as above, but made with a different base. All the other ingredients and scents are the same!

Japanese Lotus Blossom soap.

My "Ice Blue" soap. It smells like tea tree oil and peppermint and has sea salt (for scrubbing) to make it look icy!

Oatmeal scrub soap. Looks like a cookie, is not edible.

Himalayan Pink Salt soap. It's made with actual pink rock salt mined at the base of the Himalayas. And it's pretty to boot!

So anyway, I'm pretty proud. I have a blast doing it. I'm not as good as Mom is, but I'm learning. I am good at mixing the scents though, and that's really my favorite part. I love deciding how much of what oils are going into each batch and which smells balance each other out, and what aromatherapeutic effects each scent has. 

If you're curious, we're having a show on this Friday and Saturday at my neighbor's house. She and my Mom make greeting cards and with the hols coming, this is a great time to stock up! My neighbor's daughter makes stained glass (including custom pieces made out of photographs), and a friend of my Mom's sells hand-made jewelry from Guatemala. It's going to be quite the artsy-craftsy gathering, so if you're into that, please come out! And don't feel obligated to buy ANYTHING...we'd love to just chat! And we have little tiny soaps we're giving away as FREE samples (not as pretty, but they're made from candy molds, so that's cute, right?), so stop on by if you're bored or into that kind of thing. 

:) :) :)

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  1. How gorgeous are your soaps! I'm bummed I won't be at the show this weekend. It sounds like my kinda place! You should take this show on the road (the road here meaning Etsy).