Great White Snark: Trick or treat!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or treat!

Just wanted to share some pics of my Halloween!

Yes, that's a pug Beanie Baby in my hand. It's PUGSLEY. Get it?!
I went as Wednesday Addams. Halloween falling on a Wednesday? Purely awesome coincidence. 

With the ladies at the office. SO GLAD I work with people who share my passion enjoyment of dressing up!

 Then, of course, we need the gratuitous pics of my dogs, because if I didn't have them you'd be like, "Who killed Mary and took over her blog?"

My boy is so cute!!

Recycled the bee costume...again. Millie's turn this year!

 I also got two AWESOME Halloween cards...I may or may not have a pug problem.
HALLOWEEN, DARTH VADER, AND PUGS?!? This is the ultimate card. From my Dad.

From Beth. ♥

This adorable gift basket is also from Beth. She surprised me a couple weekends ago by a) coming home for the weekend, and b) showing up COMPELTELY UNEXPECTEDLY (but in a good way) to my soap show! She came bearing Halloween gifts, including a pumpkin with a BFF smiley painted on it, Hello Kitty stickers and a mug, and an adorable basket filled with candy. She's so sweet. =)

I wanted to end with what may be the most terrible hilarious Halloween-related video EVER. My brother introduced me to this and I've been like, "YOU SNEAKY MOM!" ever since. I realize I may be a little (like, a year) late to this party, but at least I arrived!

Hope you all had a safe, fun, and FABULOUSLY spooky Halloween!

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