Great White Snark: "I don't trust men in capes."

Friday, August 27, 2010

"I don't trust men in capes."


Right. Today we're doing CAPES AND CAMEL.


In fashion, "camel" doesn't mean dromedary. It kind of overall refers to this tan color, and mostly fabrics like worsted wool (although real camel hair is sometimes collected when camels molt. The collected fur is then woven into fabric, but generally "camel coats" are 100% wool, and "camel" just means "tan." I know, right?). Camel most often occurs in suits (but not really anymore) and trench coats. I've long felt that a camel trench coat is one of the single best investments one can make fashion-wise. They're timeless, classic, and if you throw one on over jeans with a pair of sunglasses, you look INSTANTLY put together, even though it might be one of those days (perhaps following one of those nights) and it only took you 5 seconds to get dressed.

As you can see above, camel in general is making a massive come-back. I guess tan could go under my previous entry on colour, since it makes an appearance in a wide range of fabrics. This makes me happy, especially because it's so warm down here. You can get a nice cotton-blend pair of camel pants or a linen blazer, and you still get the look without sweating your brains out. Which is an actual occurence, guys, and it's extremely serious.

For this look, focus, obviously, on the color. I personally wouldn't go head-to-toe camel, but if monochromaticism is your thing, go for it! If you live in FL, focus on lighter fabrics with the same color. Go for dresses, skirts, tunics and pretty short-sleeved blouses in tan. If you're looking for a camel trench coat, which seriously, you guys, YOU SHOULD, check around. Look a while. Make sure it's well-made. If you're going to pay for it, it might as well be quality. Check the fit, the arm length, if it fastens nicely, fraying threads, sticky zippers, etc. You want it to be as usable as possible. Places like TJ Maxx and Ross will occasionally get in camel trench coats at great prices. They're usually upwards of $50, but worth every cent.

(Okay, so I wasn't going to tell this story, but it's the BEST bargain I ever got in my closet. When I was working at Plato's this lady came in with a wool camel trench coat from Gap. It had a coffee stain on it and besides, it was too heavy for us to take. It's Florida, REMEMBER? So anyway, we told her we couldn't take it, and she was like, "Oh, just throw it out." Plato's technically doesn't throw out or donate any clothes. We don't want to get stuck with your stuff. But for some reason we took it, and my manager was like, "Mary, you should try this on." I was like, "No way, it's an extra small. It's so not going to fit." She insisted. So I tried it. AND IT FIT LIKE IT WAS MADE FOR ME. I adore it. I still have it. I just took it in for dry-cleaning, the stain came RIGHT out, and it the best (and my favorite) coat that I own. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.)

On to trend two...


HOW AMAZING IS THE HELMUT LANG??? I found that outfit in the Spring and have been waiting for an excuse to post it.

If you know anything about me, you know capes are like, my favorite thing. I just always have a hard time, because I want to wear them but I don't want to look like I'm three months early for Halloween (which is never a bad thing. Halloween is never unacceptable. But that's a blog for another day). So, how do you take this cape and hood look to the streets without looking costumey?

I like the hoods best. But I'm still trying to determine how you wear it out without looking like a Jedi like a creep. I think layering a hooded t-shirt underneath your fav tee would be the best bet. Hooded dresses and tunics are super cute, too, but I kind of feel like hoods should be taken off indoors. Not sure yet. I'll get back to you on that. However, the cape thing is okay. Batwing hoodies were huge last year. I tried them and personally didn't like them, but they'd be a good way to achieve both the hood-and-cape thing. I really like the gray cape/jacket on the left. I'd wear it in a heartbeat, and I feel like it's not too costumey. I also feel like those oversized scarves that we all bought a year ago would work great as a wrap (I do this all the time in my house. Might be time to wear it out!). Pair these with skinny jeans, or pants of any kind. Be carefuly pairing them with skirts--you don't want the look to be too flowy. There is such a thing as too much fabric, so if you do find a cape you like and wear it, pair it either with pants or a short, fitted skirt and tights.


Okay, tomorrow, we'll tackle the last and biggest Fall Fashion Trend for 2010: fashion inspired by the 1950's! HOORAY!!

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