Great White Snark: They say that all good things must end some day. Autumn leaves must fall.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

They say that all good things must end some day. Autumn leaves must fall.

Well, my "Plato’s: Part II" experience is done. I had my last day on Friday...that kind of thing is always bittersweet. I enjoy working—I like being busy and having someplace to be and being FORCED to have human interaction (interacting with people is like eating vegetables; I never want to do it, but sometimes I make myself because I know it’s good for me). I met some really awesome people, too. But it will be good for my foot to have some time now to heal (hopefully) before school starts, and to enjoy the last couple weeks of summer.

Now that I’m not employed there anymore, I feel I can air the grievances I’ve been so careful to keep quiet about the last few weeks. Nothing is really deplorable. Just little complaints I didn’t want to make public while still employed.

-Guys, I am so serious about this: PLEASE respect the dressing room policies of whatever stores you may frequent. If there’s a return rack, please RE-HANG your items and put them there. Do not leave them in the dressing room. Do not leave them in a heap outside the dressing room. Do not hand me the clothes and the hangers separately and then inform me that it’s my job to rehang them, not yours. You’re right. You’re not getting paid to try on clothes and I am getting paid to put them back. But have a little common decency. I am a sales associate, not your slave or your mother. I’m not even asking you to rebutton or tie any ties or anything. Just PUT THEM ON THE HANGERS and HANG THEM ON THE BLATANTLY OBVIOUS RETURN RACK.

-Also. Just because I’m working retail does not make me lower than you. I am no less of a human being because I make minimum wage. And let me tell you. Even if you don’t, if you have chongalicious hair and cheap K-Mart jeans, you LOOK poorer than me anyway. So don’t sniff and roll your eyes at me haughtily when I politely ask how you’re doing today. It’s rude and you look like an arrogant prig.

-Also, EXCUSE YOU for reprimanding me for using the wrong verb form in Spanish. You are in MY country. At least I made an attempt to speak YOUR language, which is more than I can say for you.

-Don’t ask me to get things off the wall with the ladder if I’m wearing a skirt, you filthy perverts. I KNOW that’s the only reason you’re asking.

-My name is Mary. Not “the brown-haired girl,” or “the girl with the broken foot” or even “girl.” I am not a dog; I will not respond to “Here, girl.”

-Don’t be afraid to ask for things off the wall or the displays—that’s why we put them there, and nothing makes me happier than to know that other people like what I’ve selected. That being said, don’t ask me to get down a pair of jeans for your 7 year old daughter than you KNOW aren’t going to fit just to humor her. That’s just annoying.

-Don’t come into a store full of used clothing and tell min wage workers about how you just sold your house to UCF’s new medical school for $2 million and are building your dream Victorian home on a lake. And if you must, don’t yell and look around for approval from migrant workers and single mothers. You won’t get any. It makes you look self-absorbed, pretentious, and insensitive.

I think that’s all. Whew!

Anyway, I’m glad that’s over.

Let’s see, what else? The boot (still need pics, omg, I promise I’ll get some up soon!) is on from now until about November. I’ve been swimming a lot because the lack of physical exercise was making me insane. Swimming is never my all-time favorite, but boy, it’s better than nothing.

The flood disaster is…disastrous. The fans are out THANK GOD. I hate having to shout in my own house. But the damage remains, and it’s extensive. All the flooring is going to be replaced. All the toilets are being replaced (precautionary), as are the cabinets and base boards. We’re HOPING there’s no drywall damage or they’ll be in knocking down our walls and rebuilding those, as well. The whole thing is costing a fortune and of course, insurance is no help. So we’re kind of in limbo right now, trying to make decisions about what to do and who to go through to do it. But at least it’s dry and quiet now, if a bit uglier and with no wood flooring (they’ve already ripped it up due to the threat of mold and mildew).

In more EXCITING news, I’m going to Fort Myers this Friday for a long weekend with Bethany! I’m quite excited to see her place, and we’re detouring to Sanibel, which is always excellent. I’m quite looking forward to it.

Omg, Bixby just ATE my power chord. WHAT WILL I DO IF MY COMPUTER DIES?? Oh my gosh. Okay, well, now my mission has become to locate an Acer Aspire power chord tomorrow IF IT KILLS ME. Speaking of him, he’s fine. I’m planning a post about him soon. Assuming my computer isn’t sitting dead somewhere….


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