Great White Snark: L0v3 4 g33ks.

Friday, February 11, 2011

L0v3 4 g33ks.

Looking for a song for your nerd-love on Valentine's Day? Making a mix that only you and yours are geeky cool enough to get? Just want to listen to a couple of ridiculously campy/geeky/comical songs?

Luckily, I have a few of those:

"She's romantic, known to panic, with anxiety attacks.
Literary, it's so scary, reading Bront√ęs back to back.
She's playing Ragnarok on her mom's Magnavox.
She's underneath my skin like a million nanobots."

This song is just lulzy and full to brimming with terrible Star Trek puns.
(The sad thing about both these bands are they're "the cool guys" in Star Trek fandom...)

"Captain Kirk went to the planet,
There he fought the man-lizard,
He saved the ship, invented the gun powder
But that's not good enough for you is it? No!
You don't want a boyfriend, what you want is Mr. Spock..."

Ignore the "Megamind"'s a cute song about a comic book hero and his comic book girlfriend! AWW.

Enjoy, nerf-herders!

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