Great White Snark: "The ones we love never really leave us."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"The ones we love never really leave us."

For years, I've been refusing to allow myself to re-read the Harry Potter series, simply because I know I'll sit and start reading them and all of my school reading will go out the window.

Well, recently I caved and have been getting them on audiobook from my library, on the stipulation that I'll only listen while I'm driving, so that way I can, y'know, FINISH my lit degree.

Confession: I'm now running everyone's errands, taking the long way home, and finding that sitting in my car with only the stereo running is a VERY effective/important use of my time.



  1. Dude, as soon as I discovered Villette on audiobook I wanted to cancel my carpool so I could be alone with my literature... It gets that bad...

  2. LOVE the title quote... love him. (I'm not biased at all!) =)