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Friday, April 9, 2010

- Interesting observations on what happened with cell phones this decade.

- Here is a list of darkly humorous and terribly cynical break up services. The "Death Bear" is my personal favorite (because I am a total creep).

- I should warn you that this is NSFW for STRONG LANGUAGE (even though I'm posting the censored version, just in case), but it's so badass I couldn't not post it. Natalie Portman pokes fun at her good-girl image. I will always adore her, but this skyrocketed her amount of awesome points in my scorebook.

- A heinously hilarious list of metaphors and analogies found in real life high school papers. Some of these made me literally laugh out loud. Heartily. Others were facepalm-inducing in the most maddening way.

Captain Picard facepalms your idiocy.

- Also, I don't know if any of you shop at Fred Flare (if not, you SHOULD), but I have a free shipping promo code that expires 4/15. Just enter the code "lace" at checkout.
ETA: just found out they've publicised the code by smattering it on their homepage. Now I have no insider information to share, and instead look like a tool who wishes she was awesome. Which is about right, actually.
My favorite things there include Warhol-inspired sunnies (which I love), the "This Economy Sucks" coin purse (which garners compliments every time I whip it out), CUPCAKE FLOSS, and adorable USB drives (don't own the last two...yet. But buying with them has always been quick and convenient).

- The first ever film version of Alice in Wonderland, made in 1903 (not even forty years after Carroll wrote the book!!!). The quality is terrible, but what'd you expect? It's a silent film made just at the dawn of the moving picture invention. It's still pretty wild to sit and watch it and think about how revolutionary it was back then, and affirms my belief that Alice in Wonderland is an amazing and timeless story.

That's it for now. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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