Great White Snark: Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Because I can't get enough Victorian artwork in my life.

Credit. Also, I wanted to do this with Sherman, but couldn't determine the best way to make little bunny ears and a fluffy tail stay on.





I love Fabergé eggs, but this one I particularly like. It's called "The Memory of Azov," made in 1891. The egg is made of Bloodstone, one of my birth stones, and the ship is set on a small cut of Aquamarine, my other birth stone. Plus, it's got a tiny ship. I think it's amazing.

And now on to pics of my own. Here's what I wore to mass this morning.

Dress: Charlotte Russe; Shrug: Wet Seal; Bracelet: gift.

I did a post a while back on literary fashion, and I think this outfit fits in perfectly with my Pride and Prejudice motif. I love the fabric because it's flowy and I like the crocheted lacy detailing. :)

After church, my family and I went to breakfast. Then I came home and took a much-needed nap (which is probably why I look so tired in all these pics) before the extended family came over. Everyone ended up showing up. My mom made a really tasty ham and everyone brought over sides and deserts.

My neighbor made these DELICIOUS cupcakes. They were white cake topped with glazed cherries and powedered sugar. Delish (and pretty!)

My Mom's amazingly scrumptious deviled eggs. This is the only way I'll eat eggs at all.

Easter Lilly, courtesy of Meagan, who is awesome and about whom I am planning a MAJOR blog post sometime this week as time allows.

This is an antique painting my Mom scored at her thrift store when it was still open. We've since seen it in antique shops selling for WAY MORE than the $2 she paid for it. I love it, and it's very Eastery. It hangs in the formal dining room.

One of the tables we set for when the family came over.

What we wore. Mary: Dress= American Eagle (via Plato's), Necklace= also AE. Emily: Shirt= Charlotte Russe, Jeans and flats= Old Navy.

Me and my cousins April and Emily.

Overall, it was really nice. My cousins and I ate by the pool and had a riotous good time laughing. Plus, it's just nice to have all the family over every once and a while. I hope you all had a lovely and blessed Easter!

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