Great White Snark: Wassup, Holmes?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wassup, Holmes?

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I was perusing some of the fashion shows and was THRILLED to see that the Galliano Menswear collection for Fall 2010 was CLEARLY inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Naturally, I was really excited, not only because I love Sherlock Holmes (seriously you guys, if you've never read any Sherlock Holmes stories GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO DO SO. NOW. After you're done reading this post. *_~), but because I think that more designers should look to literature for inspiration.

After seeing this, I decided that I wanted to design a couple of fashion lines based off my favorite books. I created a number of sets here, trying to keep the DIY looks affordable.

First of all, since Holmes was already done for the gents, I decided to do a Holmes-based look for fellow lady-fans of the Great Detective.

For this look, I decided to go with the menswear-inspired looks that are pretty hot right now. Bowler caps, pocket watch necklaces, Oxford shoes, and anything with suspenders (they call them "braces" in the UK!) I thought would work for this look. And naturally the British Union Jack t-shirt...obviously.

The next book on my list was Wuthering Heights.

In my mind, the runway show would feature models with BIG hair: crimped, permed, some updone in a quasi-Victorian style, some just totally wild and windblown. The collection would be more gothic in nature (since it is a "gothic novel"). Details would include corset lacing, studs, lace-up boots and accessories featuring spiders and spider-webs. Fabrics would be lots of chiffon and tulle...I wanted the look to be interchangable with a sort of "Corpse Bride" feel. Anything flowy and cob-webby in shades of white, black and gray.

This is the everyday set. Again, flowy, loose fabrics coupled with structured silhouettes and gothic details to give that "haunted house on the moor" feel.

And finally, one of my all-time favorite novels ever, Pride and Prejudice, could not go unnoticed in this fanciful little project of mine (P&P, but technically anything else by Austen as well).

Sorry for the potentially seizure-inducing set there. That's how I start them all out, is just a giant collage of pieces that might work. Usually I narrow it down to three or four that I really like but I REALLY like everything that's there. I wanted there to be lots of chiffon, lace, tulle, ruffles...TONS of feminine detail. All the colors are neutral beiges, dusty roses, Colonial blues, lacy whites...just very pretty and antiquey. In my imagination, all my dresses would have longer sleeves and this would be a totally pants-free show. All skirts and dresses...sorry jeans-lovers! My models would have subdued makeup, focus on rosy cheeks and lips, and curled updone hair with loads of accessories (like headbands and flowers and the like).

For the DIY version, I toned down the prices and toned down pretty much everything else. There are still lots of girly details (pearl and cameo jewelry, lace, ruffles, etc.) but in a much more wearable way. And yes, I did throw a pair of jeans in there just because I KNOW people would be all like, "Ugh, I love Pride and Prejudice but I love my jeans more." So there you go.

Again, I tried to keep the second sets more "you could maybe find this in a store, afford it, and wear it if you'd like." I love taking my fashion cues from books and want you guys to be able to as well. What's your favorite book? What books would you make a line of clothing out of? I'm dying to hear, so let me know!! And I hope you enjoyed. :)


  1. I'd wear every single one of those outfits if I could pull them off. I love them. Awesome pairing. Forget english and accounting, i think you should be a Vogue Editor! :D

  2. You could TOTALLY pull some of them off! Especially the Austen looks, because you're adorable and girly. :-D

    And I WISH I could be a Vogue Editor!!!