Great White Snark: Space: the final frontier.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Space: the final frontier.

I'm currently taking a break from doing my science fiction midterm, and thought I'd share with you some of my favorite retro-futurist art.

I actually think this one (above) is from the Electric Light Orchestra's "Out of the Blue" album art. I adore their album art and predict an ELO revival sometime in the near future (it's like Muse with more 70's harmonizing, for those of you interested.)

Also, I desperately want a dance party ON THE MOON!

I just really like all the bright colors and the kitchsiness of it all. There was such an optimistic view of life beyond Earth long ago, and it saddens me that we're now done with the shuttle program (like we're regressing backwards. Now that we know due to gravity and lack of oxygen that we can't hold a party on the moon, it's like we stopped caring.). I feel like the anticipation and excitement in discovering the unknown portrayed in these pictures has long since died with the artists.

Anyway, I highly recommend googling retro-futurist art and pulp science fiction covers. They're very awesome. =)

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