Great White Snark: We got no class and we got no principles.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We got no class and we got no principles.

AWESOME, YOU GUYS! I'm now kind of officially a college senior! Super!!

I thought I'd upload some pics of just a few of the books I read this semester.

Books for my research paper. Yeah, I read them. Wanna guess my topic??

Books I'd rec: Great Expectations, Dracula, Northanger Abbey (naturally), Hothouse, Evelina and War of the Worlds. Books to avoid like the plague: To the Lighthouse (not pictured) and Caleb Effing Williams.

This was my bitch of a sci-fi book (quarter for size reference, hah). This was an awesome class and I definitely recommend taking it (LIT 3310, for non-English majors), especially if you need elective credit, but be ye warned: this book plus 3-4 novels are REQUIRED reading. You really can't BS your way through the class. Or, I mean, you can. But you'll fail. Miserably.

Anyway. To all of you who gave me bookmarks this year, THANK YOU. I used every single one of them.

I think it's time now for some of this:

Only I don't look like that AT ALL, my pool is freezing cold and I don't have a nifty inflatable recliner, even if my pool was warm. IT'S THE PRINCIPLE OF THING, YOU GUYS.

ETA: I JUST ate our first radish out of the Victory Garden! SUCCESS! No pics because people who blog pics of themselves eating radishes are probably pedophiles weird. But I'll try and take pics of the garden and some more of our bounty, hopefully this weekend. HOORAY!

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  1. Time for your periodic reminder that I love reading your blog... ;)
    I am incredibly jealous that a) you're finished, b) you have a garden, and c) you're finished writing papers.
    I have 15 days 'til graduation (not like I'm counting. Ok, I totally am) and then I'll be home. For a very long time. Glampirating, here we come!