Great White Snark: First week of school.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

First week of school.

I am such a dork. I get hardcore excited about school. I love the routine, I like classrooms and note-taking, I get palpitations at the thought of buying new notebooks, pens and catch my drift.


First of all, two of my four classes are online. Which is awesome, it just means I have to actually motivate myself and DO the work. Which, for the record, does not mean finding a Tumblr and going through 136 pages of posts. It means DOING WORK. So my two lit classes are online. Bittersweet. Sweet because it means I'm probably more motivated to read the material, bitter because those are the classes that are actually enjoyable to sit through. So anyway, I'm taking Lit of Jane Austen (SCORE!!!!) and Renaissance Lit online. Cool classes, heavy reading, I'm in heaven.

My other two classes are education classes: Professional Ethics in Education (aka: sleeping with your students is not a good idea) and Classroom Management for Substitute Teachers. I don't necessarily want to be a sub (even though you get paid $50-$75 a day for doing it...not too shabby), but I figured classroom management skills would be the same regardless.


My ethics class is basically a philosophy class. Those of you who know me know I dislike philosophy. I know what I believe. You know what you believe. Let's not waste time talking about it all deep and sage-like. But no. That's what this whole class is. And to make it worse, my professor is basically a more manly, coked-up version of Professor Quirrel--twitches, stammering, the whole nine. Minus the turban. But he may or may not have Voldemort growing out of his head--he never turned around so I didn't get a good look. But anyway, IMPOSSIBLE to take notes from. Entertaining in that the whole class was whispering about "how high this dude is," but as far as learning anything, forget it. It's not gonna happen.

My other class, Classroom Management, get this: meets THREE TIMES this semester. Today was the first. We meet again at midterm and again during finals week. There's no book, no curriculum--we basically write ten reports on an article that has to do with substitute teaching and classroom management, and hand in five for the midterm and the last five for the final. WTAF. I mean, I'm not complaining because it's gonna be a REALLY easy A. But WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TO LEARN ANYTHING ABOUT TEACHING. For supposedly teaching future teachers, they're doing an EFFING LOUSY JOB.

So I basically go to school one day a week for 4 hours to listen to Professor Quirrel spit out ethical information in between hours of stutters. I don't even get a troll to vanquish. Or a Snape.

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