Great White Snark: Life is a trip with an invisible itinerary.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life is a trip with an invisible itinerary.

I've been quiet lately. I like to chalk that up to "nothing cool has happened," but that's nonsense because things are always happening. In all likelihood, I just haven't had my eyes open in the right way to see them.

So here's something exciting. Me and my family got CABLE TELEVISION for the first time in my entire life! We've never had cable/satellite/direct TV/whatever the thing is where you get more than 6 channels. It used to irk me to NO END as a child that I never got to watch Rugrats or Doug or Ren & Stimpy or any of that. I got stuck with PBS. Which looking back, Wish Bone was infinitely better to my small lit-loving mind than any of that anyway. BUT STILL! I always felt terribly left out. And then, as I got older, never ever seeing MTV or Trading Spaces or any of that. WHAT A SOB STORY YOU GUYS (this is such a first world complaint...). Anyway, long story short. We have a lot more channels and even though I'm not a TV watcher by any means, I'M PRETTY EXCITED.

I imagine I'll gorge myself on all the horrible TV I've missed over the years for about two weeks and then realize that the internet reading is better anyway. :)

So for my one so-called education class, the only curriculum is that we find reports pertaining to education and write summaries on them. We have ten of these due this semester, but if you watch a movie that has to do with teaching etc, it counts for three papers. Here are a list of movies I'd like to know if I could get away with watching and writing papers on:
1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: because Professor Lupin is the best teacher in that whole series. Also explore whether or not Snape's scariness is actually effective in the classroom ("Turn to page 394.")

2. Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Explore the various teaching methods of Obi-Wan Kenobi (best teacher EVER!) and Yoda. Which works better: the blast shield or riding your pupil's back whilst making them complete an obstacle course (this will somehow make you a jedi, btw)?

3. School of Rock: the whole thing is about Jack Black being a substitute teacher. Relevant!
4. X-Men. Any of them.
5. The Breakfast Club: Is Mr. Vernon really an evil guy or has the educational system simply gotten the better of him? Also, how to deal with students like John Bender?

Further suggestions?

Right. Off to class with my awesome prof.
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1. Found my Snape gif:
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2. Prof doesn't have Voldemort growing out the back of his head, but he DOES have a tribal skull tattoo on his forearm. Not exactly a Dark Mark, but I think this means he's a Death Eater anyway. ;)


  1. Perhaps the reason you aren't a big TV watcher is because you've never had cable. Behold, a whole new world has been opened to you and it will corrupt your mind. It's great :) lol.

    Also, for some slightly more serious teaching movies, "Freedom Writers" or "To Sir, With Love" are both pretty fantastic and awesome. Unless they have to be like documentaries, in which case, I got nothing. Love you.

  2. You could watch Precious or Dead Poet's Society. Both feature teachers turning people's lives around.