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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blogging is for fangirls.

Another post on the lovely Helena Bonham Carter, because a) she's just pretty to look at and b) I bloody well feel like it.

^^I just like her "bitch, please" face in this pic. And also that she wears her hair like this to red carpet events. THANK YOU, HELENA!

"I got stuck on the lift with her the other day with the camera operator and if I had to choose somebody to get stuck in the lift with she comes fairly high on the list, because she’s amusing, attractive, and very small."
-Colin Firth on Helena Bonham Carter

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Striped tights, round glasses, and a corset with a door in it. WANT.

I admire her. She is so confident in herself and so happy. Even when she appears on the ‘worst-dressed’ list she says, ‘Who cares?’ She is comfortable with who she is.
-Emma Watson on Helena Bonham Carter

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