Great White Snark: Don't be a drag, just be a queen.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't be a drag, just be a queen.

So, my hair's in a really awkward grow-out phase. This is the lot of the Woman and Her Hair. When it's long, we dream of chopping it all off in favor of less work, a la Emma Watson. Then we do it, realize that it's probably more work than having it long and start to wonder just how immoral prostitution really is, and if that's maybe okay so we can afford extensions in favor of AVOIDING the awkward grow-out phase. But most of us decide that pushing drugs and selling ourselves is morally reprehensible, even for the sake of good hair. And so we end up looking like we have sixteen year old boy hair. Well, I'm neither 16 nor a boy, so I think that just means my hair looks lame.

ENTER THE POINT OF THIS POST: I wish that wigs weren't passé in modern society. If you're anyone but a cancer victim and you wear a wig, there's like this weird connotation like you should be grateful you have hair so how dare you wear one. Or if you're not black. For black women who are sick of dealing with their hair, they get a wig pass, and it's okay. But white girls with a healthy head of hair are discouraged from wearing wigs on any day other than Halloween, and this saddens me. I'd like a whole WIG WARDROBE. These are some of the ones I'd own:

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Hell yes this is a Marie Antoinette wig. And I would wear this with jeans and act like nothing was out of the ordinary. And then I wonder why I'm still single. ;D

And yeah...this is the White Queen from Burton's "Alice in Wonderland." I like white hair...SO WHAT, WHO CARES.

^^ This one is my FAVORITE. How cute?!?

Cosplay wigs are fun because then you look like a real life anime character. Clearly, this is something to aspire to.

I also like this in "blonde and burgundy" and this one in "aurora," for when I couldn't decide what color I'd like my hair to be.


Wouldn't this be fun?? It's perfectly styled and colored hair with no damage to YOUR hair in like, three seconds. SOCIETY. MAKE WIGS POPULAR AGAIN, THANKS.

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