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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, here's what's new with me.

I started my new class, the Evolution of Video Games. First of all, this may well be the most interesting class I've taken in my too-long history at UCF. We're starting off REALLY early, like in the 30's with the invention of pinball and working our way up.

May I just say that the progression of technology fascinates me?

This is your old-school computer from the 50's and 60's. It took up a whole room and could answer a math problem in like three minutes. It kind of blows my mind that we went from this to an iPhone that can do pretty much anything (there's an app for that) in about 40 years.

Also, this furthers my theory that we stole all of our modern flight and computer technology from the Roswell crash in the late 40's, but that's a rant for another day.

Anyway, the subject material is interesting. And fun. I mean, VIDEO GAMES. They're fun! But what's fun too are the students.

Having been stuck in the English department, I meet a very select few types of people. Most of them are artsy, deep-thinking, and creative. It's very much a "type." The "English major type." And not that I hate them. I love my fellow English geeks because I'm one of them. BUT. That being said. The computer sciences/engineering and digital media majors are a TOTALLY different kettle of fish.


It's like being in a real life episode of The Big Bang Theory. I love geeks! They're adorable. There are so many different levels of geeks, I can't even get into it. But what I HAVE noticed is the astounding amount of STRAIGHT GUYS. Let me just put this out there. I have NO problems whatsoever with gay people. The only thing is, in English classes, if there are guys in there, more than half are probably gay. Not a problem at all, except that only meeting gay guys is shite for my personal life. But then, I walk into my video game class, and I am one out of like 5 girls. The rest are guys. And all these guys are STRAIGHT. It's AMAZING.

Also, being one of such a limited population of women does WONDERS for your ego. Every time I walk into class I feel like this...
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...even though I probably look more like this.
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Anyway, it's highly amusing, and so far I'm quite enjoying it. Still waiting to hear back regarding re-employment at Plato's. Meh. Making miniscule amounts of money is the only good thing about a minimum wage retail job.

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  1. I had to comment on the use of the Princess Diaries gif... this is why I heart you.