Great White Snark: "It looks like I'm going nowhere. I have to finish cleaning those droids."

Monday, May 16, 2011

"It looks like I'm going nowhere. I have to finish cleaning those droids."

You know the conversation Luke has with Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru right before this fabulous 70's-emo scene with the twin suns and the incredible orchestra? About how he wants to go to the academy, and all his friends are gone because they're either there or involved with the war, and Uncle Owen tells him he can't go because he's needed for the harvest? And then Luke gets all angsty and goes and has that moment with the suns? I used to religiously make fun of this scene, because it's so angsty.

I will never laugh at this scene again.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (namely involving the epic failwad that is Bright Futures), I won't be finishing college this summer. I'm taking one class now over the summer, and I'll finish the other four in the fall. Which means I will graduate in December.

As of right now, I'm taking my Evolution of Video Games class because a) it's the only class I had this summer that actually meets and b) it's interesting and fun and nerdgasmic. I will also be attempting to regain my job at Plato's to fill the intervening time and save up some money, so that HOPEFULLY I can still manage to get my own place in a relatively timely manner.

TL;DR: I'm graduating in December, not August.


  1. You may throw a stone at me for saying this...but I am happy for you! We get to graduate together. :) And maybe, if I am lucky, you can weasel your way into Oliver's Gothic lit class and we can banter about Dracula and Frankenstein and other various monsters we'll be reading in the fall....

    Can I be Han Solo somewhere in this analogy?

  2. Haha, yes, please, rescue me on the Millennium Falcon!

    I'm taking Lit in Pop Culture with Dr. H. in the fall...any chance you're in there? And I WANT to take the gothic lit class, but it's full! I'm attempting to get an override. :)

  3. Since you're staying in the fall, you could take the Caribbean Piracy class with me. =) Just saying.
    Also, there should be an available room in our house that you could move into, if you're okay with having roommates.

  4. Jessica, I AM in the pirates class! Lol, it was the FIRST thing I signed up for, so I'll see you there! And I so appreciate the roomate offer...seriously, thank you. But I *think* I should be okay for the next semester. Besides, I definitely need to save up what pathetic money I have. But thank you again. :)

  5. Do you think Lit and pop culture can count as a history credit? Because that's all I need to graduate... one. class.

    But I'm taking more just for kicks.

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