Great White Snark: Gift Ideas Under $50 for Certain People But Probably Not Everyone.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift Ideas Under $50 for Certain People But Probably Not Everyone.

Hey, all!

I thought I'd do a collection of some unique and quirky Christmas gift ideas I've found and center them around a few of the different types of people on your list. And here's the best part: they're all under $50! Sorry I didn't get this up sooner, but a lot of these places ARE guaranteeing Christmastime shipping! So act soon!

Without further ado, Christmas present ideas for....

The Geek/Internet Addict

(1. Big Bang Theory Shirt, 2. LOL Magnetz, 3. Tumblr Sticker, 4. Nyan Cat Earrings, 5. Geeky Dreamboats Book, 6. Robot Unicorn Attack Shirt.)

Lol, this one is just fun stuff! I hate the video, but I love the Nyan Cat earrings...they're so unique. I thought the "Everyday I'm Tumblin'" sticker was super clever for the Tumblr addict on your list, and I especially love the lol magnets. I WILL have them if/when I ever move out.

Animal Lover

(1. Hidden Owl Teacup,2. Elk Necklace, 3. Fox Slippers, 4. Woodland Animals Ring Set, 5. DIY Dog Biscuits, 6. Owl Earrings, 7. Animal Calendars.)

I like everything in this set, but the owl earrings are my favorites. I also really like the set of 3 rings. You get a fox, a deer, and an owl! So cute!
The Bake Your Own Dog Treats are an awesome idea, even for men. This is especially true if you know a couple with a dog. And the fox slippers, which are adorable, are actually for guys! So there are a couple guy-ish things there, too, which is awesome. GUYS CAN LIKE THE FLUFFY ANIMALS, TOO.


(1. Rudolph Chapstick, 2. Pink Cuckoo Clock, 3. Sephora Perfume Sampler, 4. Hello Kitty USB, 5. Cupcake Dental Floss, 6. Betsey Johnson Slippers.)

Okay, this is the section with the best deals (in my opinion, but it's my blog so my opinion is really the only one that counts). The Sephora perfume sampler is so cool! It comes with sample sizes of the company's best-selling fragrances of the year, along with a reusable atomizer. AND, the best part is, you get a voucher for one full-size perfume to redeem later, so she can pick which perfume she likes best and then get the big size! It's so worth $50, especially if you have a perfume addict BFF or girlfriend.
I also love the Betsey Johnson slippers, and the Rudolph lip balm would make
a great set of stocking stuffers!

Also, cupcake-flavored floss exists. The end.


(1. Family Guy Blue Harvest Trilogy, 2. The Jedi Path Book, 3. Epic T-Shirt, 4. Han Solo Ice Cube Trays, 5. How to Speak Wookie, 6. Star Wars Purse, 7. Christmas Plushies, 8. Droid USB's.)

This one's obviously near and dear to my heart. I wanted to find some things that weren't your everyday Star Wars merch. I think the Han Solo ice tray is AWESOME, and they also have an R2-D2 one! As shown, you can use them for more than jut ice, so YAY. I also really want to get the Jedi Path book at some point, just because it's STAR WARS and BOOK all in one. Also, I want to be a Jedi. There are so many Star Wars t-shirts in existence it's not even funny. Seriously, if you're looking for one, utilize the internet! ThinkGeek, Etsy, Hot Topic and 80's Tees are phenomenal places to look. And for the Star Wars nerd who has everything, the Family Guy trilogy is hilarious. Just saying.


(1. Predict-a-Pen, 2. Caffeinated Cocoa, 3. F in Exams Book, 4. Snarky Journal, 5. Old School Pencil Case, 6. WTF Sticky Notes.)

I thought this would be a cute idea for younger siblings, those people in sororities that you adopt as a non-biological sibling, or anyone who's in high school or college. I had no idea that you could add CAFFEINE to hot chocolate, but whoever invented this deserves a prize. Also, the Predict-a-Pen is like a Magic 8 Ball you can write with! And then, you can put it in a sweet vintagey pencil case (which could easily be swapped out for Lisa Frank or something for girls). Top it off with the WTF sticky notes (one of my personal fav items) and one of the snarky Mental Floss notebooks, and you're good to go!

Hope this was marginally helpful, or at least entertaining. You've got 5 DAYS until Christmas. Make the most of them!

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