Great White Snark: "How doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail..."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"How doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail..."

It's been a while since I've done one of these and as such, I've compiled quite a list. Whoo, here we go!

-First of all, my cousin's high school is lucky enough to have a Fashion Club and the Fashion Club is lucky enough to have a blog. It's really good, so check it out. If they get enough readership, they get to put on a fashion show, so PLEASE check it out!

-A great list of 100 Christmas Gifts for Her at every price range. Accurate list. And some of these could go to the other sex as well (because who doesn't like hot chocolate and Belgian waffles? HMMM???).

-A cute article on one of the world's (and my!) favorite designers, Betsey Johnson, and her recent birthday. I mean, who doesn't love a 68 year old who rides a pink bike to her own bday party?

-If you're like me and tend to feel a little blue all the time in the winter, here's a good list of things to do to boost your mood. I find #7 to be especially effective...

-A snarky list of 6 Disney Princes We'd Rather Not Date.

-For my gentleman readers (who I have reason to believe outnumber my ladyfolk followers...), here's a decent list of 9 Things Every Guy Should Own. I tend to agree, except cashmere is expensive. You can sometimes get it at a steal at places like Kohl's, Target, and TJ Maxx, but otherwise, a nice soft sweater is just fine. :)

-I secretly wish I owned this van.

-Also, here's a pic of a pug jedi. ♥ ♥ ♥

-Vintage Star Wars Merch Ads. SO COOL!

-Star Wars Sandwich Cutters are always an appropriate gift. Who doesn't want a Millennium Falcon PB&J? ANSWER ME THIS.

-An interesting and far too in-depth analysis of The Complex and Terrifying Reality of Star Wars Fandom, in which the author contends that Star Wars fans do not actually love Star Wars, but rather hate it and love the idea of Star Wars. Worth a read, just for the "?s" and the lulz. Thoughts?

-Last Star Wars link, I promise! There's a project going on to save the original Lars homestead. You know, the igloo in the desert? It's getting all nasty and weather-beaten and it will soon be gone forever, so if you're a misanthropist, animal-hater, don't care about the environment, but LOVE Star Wars, you could make a Christmas donation here (instead of at a legit, life-saving charity).

-A friend of mine with a Fantastical blog shared this vid on Facebook. IT LOOKS SO GOOD:

Oh, how the little nerd inside me rejoices!

-And finally, a hilarious list of Reasons Why Teachers Drink.

Whew! Told you it was a big list! I hope you all had a lovely Holiday and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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