Great White Snark: "To the winner goes the spoils."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"To the winner goes the spoils."

I was absolutely not intending to do a post this weekend. But then I had an amazing shopping win and couldn't help it.

I got these earrings at Plato's for $8, which is admittedly steep for USED earrings. But they had absolutely no wear, and I like this kind of clasp best (it's the most comfortable) and the crowns were too cute to pass up. So I snapped them up.

Then, I was in Dillards and saw them and realized two very important things:
1. They are Betsey Johnson.
2. They retail at FORTY DOLLARS.

Suddenly, $8 is a great deal, right? :DDDD


PS: I soaked them in alcohol. Just in case.

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