Great White Snark: First week = CONQUERED.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

First week = CONQUERED.

So my first week of the last semester of college is FINISHED.

I am well pleased.

Everything went pretty well, y'know, by first week standards.

My Renaissance and Reformation History class is taught by a certifiable fossil. He came into class all proud of himself for having made a powerpoint. And by "powerpoint" he meant that he had printed his notes on paper and used an overhead projector.
Then the other day, whilst studying the Medieval feudal system, he digressed eloquently about sailboats and how triangular sails work more effectively than square ones.
I still have no idea what that had to with peasants and bishops, but whatever.

Then I had my lit and pop culture class, about which I was really excited because we could write about anything (and Harry Potter was a suggested topic. WIN.). The whole class was based on vampires--vampires in literature, how that leaked into pop culture, the current vampire phenomenon, pop culture in regards to sucking out things from society, etc. Which was all good and well until we had to watch some clips from True Blood.
I do not recommend this course of action to my fellow hemophobes. Especially if you're of the persuasion to faint in public.
Needless to say, I ended up dropping that class out of necessity and am now in Professional Editing, which is probably way more useful anyway.

That class is online, and so far it's okay. A bit dry, but then, it's focusing on the technical aspects of editing so how awesome can you expect that to be? Although, today, we read about an aspect of writing and editing called "the situation," and the text kept saying things like "consider the situation" and "when looking at the situation." And all I could think of was this guy:

After that, I have my Archaeology of Caribbean Piracy class. Which I regret to announce I still haven't attended. Our professor cancelled the first day of class, I missed the second, and he cancelled again the third. So while I'd love to regale you with stories about piracy, I cannot.

And lastly is my Gothic lit class which so far I ADORE. It's the same teacher who taught my Austen class, so she's a BAMF to begin with. Then she goes and makes me blush by complimenting my first discussion post. And this coming week, we're reading The Castle of Otranto, which may well be the most awesome thing I've read in a LONG time.
I'll try to sum it up for you:
There's a prince who has a sickly son, a daughter he doesn't like, and a clingy wife. The son's engaged to a beautiful woman who the prince doesn't think deserves to be married to his puny offspring, which is fortunate, because the day of the wedding a massive helmet falls from the sky and kills the son. So the prince is in despair because he's lost the only heir. So he decides, "my wife is old and annoying and can produce no more sons; ergo, the logical conclusion is to procreate with the fiancee." So he starts hunting her down. And she escapes through secret passageways in this awesomely haunted castle. The pictures talk (like in Harry Potter). There are secret churches. Oh, and a know-it-all peasant who I reckon will factor into the story in a very prominent way later. Anyway, that's as far as I've gotten and it is wildly entertaining. And so gothic. I love it. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I WAS SIXTEEN, HORACE WALPOLE?

Apart from the class-switching-on-add-drop-deadline-day thing, my first week was pretty successful. And it was punctuated with some lovely social engagements, so overall it was a good week.

But now I am massively tired because apparently, Sleep and I broke up and no one told me.

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