Great White Snark: Happy New (school) Year!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy New (school) Year!

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I always feel that August is the "new year." I blame this on having spent most of my life (since I was 4 to the present...omg) being in school, so I always equate the beginning of a new school year to a "whole new year" in general.

August smells like sharpened pencils, freshly scrubbed classrooms, the plastic of binders and the pages of books. It's a time to purchase and utilize your new planners (if you buy the student ones that end in July) and reorganize your life and priorities. Also, SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Need I say more? I adore August for all these reasons.

And I'm so blissfully excited because in 22 days, I embark on what (I'm hoping for real this time) will be my last semester of school. At least in undergrad. I keep saying I don't want to go to grad school, but nearly all the English majors I know have done so. Besides, I want to rule out NOTHING. So it may be entirely possible for me to end up getting a Master's or something (omg, what if I was a Ph.D? "Dr. Daniels." I LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS.), but for the present, this is the beginning of the last chapter. And I couldn't be more thrilled.

I've had two semesters of doing nothing (work hasn't worked out either, for various reasons), and I am ready to dive in, nose first, and work my derriere off.

So here's to the "new year," and all of my glorious hopes and expectations for it!

And you know what?

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