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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just thought I'd bullet out a few things.

-Mom and I are going to Vero Beach tomorrow for like 2-3 days. I'm pretty excited...haven't really gone anywhere else all summer. So this will be nice. Also, girl time. Which inevitably means SHOPPING. Also, there's a PIRATE TREASURE museum. Whee!
-The other day my dad was talking about rappers, and he goes, "Well, there's only ONE real white rapper." My mind automatically goes:
He says, "M&M? What is that? I'm talking about Vanilla Ice!"

Omg, my parents.
-I was at Target yesterday looking at school supplies (not like I need erasers or markers, but I have fun looking anyway. Also, to the brand that makes pocket folders with every breed of puppy on them except for pugs? WAIT UNTIL MY FATHER HEARS ABOUT THIS.). So while I didn't get any school supplies, I had a rather fortuitous moment out in the parking lot. I FOUND a pair of Betsey Johnson sunglasses! They were alone. And ownerless. So I kept them. Does that make me a horrible person? They were in the PARKING LOT. I'd like to think this is karma working in my favor for all the times I've lost stuff. I secretly hope they belonged to the bitch who stole my wallet like 7 years ago (I WILL NEVER FORGET).

They're super cute. WINNING.

-This is such a quality movie. Even the opening credits are awesome. Even though I had a friend in elementary school who told me I'd to to hell for watching it because Angela Lansbury plays a witch. Whatevs.
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-I've started my reading for the Archaeology of Caribbean Pirates class. I am SO excited for this class! Unfortunately, the text I started with is Archaeology of the Caribbean. Luckily, I have an interest in archaeology and ancient civilization. That being said, it's pretty boring. I only care so much for hypotheses formed from trash heaps found in Jamaica about people who lived there 8000 years ago. Like, you really deduced that these people had complex burial rituals and ate extinct giant sloths FROM A SHELL you found in a dump??? REALLY?? I want the pirates to come in and pillage the author of this book, like that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (don't ask why it's in Spanish...).

I haven't started my Gothic Lit class yet, namely because my books haven't arrived yet. But I'm pretty stoked about that, too. :)))

That's all that's new with me as of right now. I'm so excited for school to start that it's pretty sad. I should make a promise to myself to never let my life reach that point of boredom again.
The key word there being "should."
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  1. Don't worry Mary, I was uber excited for school to start this year, maybe it runs in the family... The oldest kid is always excited for school to start... Wouldn't that be funny if that was a gene?