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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stuff I like.

I am growing atrociously bored with my existence, so here's a list of things that I like/have found recently and want to share.

Cheap Lingerie

Let's get one thing straight: I do NOT like Kmart. It's smelly and old. BUT. That being said, I do have to congratulate them on stepping up their game--at least in the "intimates" section. All of the above bras are under $15 (most are under $10), which is a STEAL if you're used to paying $40+ at places like Victoria's Secret. Here's the deal. It's an effing BRA. No matter how much you pay for it, you're still gonna sweat when you wear it, especially if you live here. And your boyfriend probably doesn't give as much of a damn about it as you think he does--he's more interested in the "getting it off" part. So $10 for something that's kind of fun and cute? I approve.

Cheap Books

I recently meandered into Books-A-Million and was absolutely tickled to find they had a whole series of really decent looking classics for TWO DOLLARS a piece. TWO. DOLLARS. You can't beat it! So if you need one for class or are just looking to read that book you never read, check it out. You can afford to.

Cheap Movies

Seriously? This is the best thing EVER. Since it's so hot.

Cream Soda

Because when you don't drink, you have only so many options.

Finding Bigfoot

This is one of those shows that's so bad, it's good. It is utterly ridiculous, but in the best way. Of course, I love anything paranormal, so when I found out there was an organization which specializes in Bigfoot research and tracking that was pretty hardcore. And they have this show on Animal Planet. So these 4 people go around and use various (if repetitive and ineffective) methods to try and stalk sasquatches (or "squatches" as they call them). And it's AMAZINGLY entertaining. Although apparently, I'm the only one who thinks so. But yes. I'd like to form such an organization for Nessies. THEY'RE OUT THERE, TOO.


I love this thing because I can talk to and SEE my best friend even though she's currently 155 miles away from me. And this is keeping me sane through this incredibly odd summer.

So those are a few of my favorite things at the mo. I cannot wait for school to start because I'm tired of sitting here and just reading until my eyes threaten to fall out. Not that I don't enjoy reading. Just, y'know. I do much better having something to do.

"My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work...I abhor the dull routine of existence."

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  1. I love that cream soda made this list... Cream Soda by the pool is summertime to me. Delicious.
    P.S. The "saying-hi-to-the-camera-with-Bixby-gif"? Brilliance.