Great White Snark: Dinner with the Snarks.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dinner with the Snarks.

Lol, this totally happened at dinner tonight. Michael and I still aren't sure whether he meant Michael or the Girlfriend was the idiot. Regardless. It made us laugh.

Btw, my Dad says stuff and doesn't mean like, 98% of it. The apple doesn't fall far...

So, let's see. What else is new? Working a lot. I had a lovely day off today and saw a movie with my Mom and got the rooms all in order again.

I realize that I talk a lot about cleaning. This is because while I enjoy ordered chaos (take a look at my bookshelf: books, CD's, an Edgar Allan Poe mug, random historical documents, some bud vases made out of test tubes, various hand-made presents, antique silver I've thrifted...but see, this is OKAY), mess bothers me. Like, I don't like it when I see Sherman's food flung around my study. Or when I shed like a dog and find hair on the floor. Or when I forget to do laundry for like a week and a half and my hamper is suddenly as tall as I am. I despise this. So I must clean it. And I dust everything. I loathe dust. It is my nemesis. So this is what I did today, and now everything feels good again.

Oh, I also managed to procure a needle-less syringe to complete the task of transferring my perfume.

Here's the deal.

When I was in St. Thomas, I found some incredible French perfume that I've heard of but have never been able to find in the States (or at least in Florida...I make it sound like I'm well-traveled. JOKE.). And it was laughably cheap. So I got it, but it came in these, albeit pretty, IMPOSSIBLE little bottles. First of all, you can't even open them. And once you do manage to open it, you have to like, tip it all over the place to get any out. I LITERALLY held them completely upside down, and NOTHING came out. It was like anti-gravity perfume (HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE?!?). Clearly, this isn't going to work if I want to wear it.

I had in my possession a number of sample-size perfume atomizers from my own experiments with fragrance, and my idea was "Why not transfer nice perfume into these so I can actually, y'know, WEAR IT??"

Easier thought than done.

When the perfume does not simply POUR from one bottle to the other, it's nearly impossible to get it out of a comically small bottle. And I mean, those of you who know me know I have MINUTE hands. And I thought they were small. So my next thought was that I needed a pipet or a syringe to get them from A to B. Only problem is holding a syringe makes me want to throw up. I abhor them. I am literally getting light-headed typing this as I imagine myself holding a needle. NO CAN DO. So a pipet was next.

Well, I searched in the UCF bookstore in the science section, neighboring university shops, hobby shops, pharmacies, etc. for a dissection kit or a pipet. NO LUCK.

After many unsuccessful attempts with the likes of this thing, Michael happened across a needle-less syringe, and I managed to successfully transfer my perfumes into usable bottles.

It made me feel so smart. Like I was doing science.
Science Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyway, here are the promo pics of the perfume I worked so hard to get just right.

See why I was so insistent to use them? ;)

Anyway. That's what I did today. I'm kind of getting exciting about school starting even though I know when I'm hobbling around campus in 104 degree heat trying to find time to write six papers at once, I will be cursing my existence (yeah, it doesn't look like the hideous cast will be off before school. Blast! I need to upload pics so you can see how I look like a Cyborg, lol). Still. As of right now it's something to look forward to.

What are you excited about right now, Dear Readers?

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