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Friday, October 15, 2010

All work and no play...

Right, so I'm not very techy. At all. But I played this computer game and HAD to share it with you because it was pretty awesome and definitely creepy enough to merit a spot in the Halloween theme.

It's Return to Ravenhearst by Big Fish Games. It's the sequel to their original Ravenhearst game, but SO MUCH BETTER. Also, it helps to have played the first one but it's ABSOLUTELY not necessary. Just spend the money on this one. You can either download it at the Big Fish Games website (esp if you have a Mac) or I think you can get it at Target for like $10ish. Not bad and SO worth it.

This is a really lousy trailer for it. It's your basic seek-and-find game (basically, a glorified "I Spy" book on your computer), but with crazy awesome puzzles, riddles, mysteries, etc. You have to explore this haunted manor and unlock secret passages and chambers. The plot is pretty cool too. This (un)dead guy is keeping the spirits of his wife, children (creeptacular twin girls!), and lover interred in the house under the care of his derranged son. And it's up to you to release their spirits. It's pretty darn cool. I've played it twice since getting it, and liked it equally well both times. So I guess the replay value is pretty good. It doesn't change or anything, it's just intriguing. You catch things you missed the first time.
The soundtrack is really cool too. Observe:

It's rated E10, but still challenging enough that you won't be like, "Omg, this is so easy a Caveman could do it." You can try it for free or get it ($6.99) here. Let me know if you decide to try it out! I'm curious. As always.

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