Great White Snark: Deck the desktops with boughs of pumpkins...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deck the desktops with boughs of pumpkins...

So, they're starting demo and stuff on my kitchen later this week and weekend, so this means no decorating the inside of my house this year. :(

To compensate, I'm pimping my computer. Here's a website I found with some really cool desktop wallpapers, like these:

Yes, that is the Death Star carved out of a pumpkin. Amazing? I THINK SO.

You can also get some adorable cursors here. A dancing skeleton pointer? Yes, please.

Do you have any cool places you like to get wallpapers for your comp? Are you the kind of person who uses the desktop background that comes on your computer and think people are stupid who change theirs up? TELL ME.

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  1. I save random pictures from the various blogs I read/internet places I haunt and have them rotate every 30 minutes or so. Ironically most of them are quotes/text about getting off the computer and doing something with my life. And we all know how well that's working...