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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Master of Suspense

I couldn't, in good conscience, do a whole month of Halloween blog posts and NOT mention The King of Creepy Cinema, Alfred Hitchcock. Below are trailers for two of my favorites (through they're far less scary than "Psycho" or "The Birds." I don't like scary movies, remember??).

I love how Jimmy Stewart breaks down the 4th wall...IN A TRAILER. As cute and campy as it is, it really does nothing to tell you the plot of the story. So yeah, he's injured, and he spends the summer watching all of his neighbors out of boredom. Then he begins to notice some strange happenings: a missing dog, random plots of dug-up land, culminating with creeptacular behavior and a missing wife of one of his neighbors. Is something sinister really afoot, or is it just his bored imagination toying with him? Also, yes. You will want to look at Grace Kelly. Forever. She is impossibly beautiful.

This movie is so excellent. It has the kind of twisted details and cleverness that is so rare in today's cinema. There is so much happening that I really can't sum it all up without major spoilers. But if you love mystery/suspense, you can't afford NOT to watch this movie. According to legend, Hitchcock's commentary on the film was, "As you can see, the best way to do it is with scissors." That's some incentive right there. Also, GRACE KELLY (if you don't want her, you will want her clothes. FACT.).

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