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Friday, October 15, 2010

Taking a break from Halloween...

15 Reasons Bixby is Better Than a Boyfriend.

1. He doesn’t talk back.
2. He is incapable of lying.
3. He has his own bed but is more than happy to share mine on my terms.
4. He likes to cuddle.
5. I can drag him around on a leash, and not only does he enjoy it but no one looks at us and goes, “Man, now that’s abusive.”
6. No silly dating games. The only games he likes to play are fetch and tug-of-war.
7. He makes me laugh every day, but never makes me cry.
8. He always thinks I look amazing.
9. He always agrees with whatever I want to watch on TV or DVD. Nor is he picky when it comes to sharing dinner. No arguments, he likes it all.
10. Like all dogs, he’s intuitive to the emotions of people around him and responds accordingly.
11. We never fight. And if he does something wrong, he’s always the first to apologize.
12. He is supremely loyal and protective.
13. He is a super listener.
14. He is ALWAYS happy to see me. Always. He has a tail-wagging fit and a mini-party with himself whenever I walk into the room.
15. It will never matter to him what job I have, how much I make, how smart or how pretty I am. It’s all good enough for him and he’ll love me the same no matter what.

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