Great White Snark: Christmas Presents.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Presents.

From house to house, with a true sense of joy,
Jack happily issued each present and toy.
From rooftop to rooftop he jumped and he skipped,
Leaving presents that seemed to be straight from a crypt!

-Tim Burton

Wrapping Christmas presents is my favorite part of the Season. Don't ask me why; I'm not entirely sure. It's just the only part of the whole Christmas thing that doesn't stress me out. Au contraire: it's very relaxing. And I get to do it alone, with my iPod, but still contribute to holiday cheer and all that. So I quite enjoy it.

I usually theme my presents. Like, last year I decided to do black, white and green (finding green ribbons? Harder than you'd think. But they looked REALLY pretty!). Very Slytherinesque. ;) This year, I decided to opt for a more traditional red and gold, with a Victorian tilt.

I found these really neat gift tags at Michaels and they worked really well to finish off the "feel" of the presents.

I also picked up little sprigs of Christmas "foliage" (wtf do you even call these things??) to top the gifts off with. It was big in the Victorian, and looks pretty even today. I especially like ones with birds on them.

And finally, I picked up some gold doilies to use as a base for a bow or these neat Victorian Christmas die-cuts I found. All from Michaels.


Also, this is Sherman's method of keeping warm. I want to adopt this position until like, the end of January.

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