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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sorry I cannot hear you, I'm kinda busy.

I approve highly of classically arranged covers of pop songs that are better than the originals. :)

So I was sitting here in my content bubble of non-contact and figured I should probably extract myself and make some effort of communication with the world. This is the problem with me. If I had it my way, I'd just disappear or hibernate from the world for extended periods of time. Like Aslan. Or Cher when she "retires" and then comes out of retirement. Again.

So anyway, here I am. The wisdom tooth operation itself went REALLY well. He didn't even need to put in stitches, which was pretty awesome. It bled kind of a lot, but then it's like it got tired of bleeding and just stopped. Totes okay with me. I was horrified at the aspect of swallowing blood, but I managed to not be too terribly vampiric. So this is a bonus. I also didn't swell or puff or bruise at all! SO EXCITING! I think the key is to ice it pretty constantly. It helped me. Anyway, that all went pretty well. Here's the only sucky part. There's this nerve that runs along your bottom jawline, and when they pull the teeth there's this minute chance that they might damage that nerve. My doctor was all like, "It happens to less than 5% of my patients." Well, what do you know. I'm in that 5%. Luckily, he doesn't think it's damaged as much as highly irritated. I'm not drooling or anything (um, THANK GOD), it's just like I have this numb patch on my chin, lip, and jaw. He said in patients where this happens, it usually regains sensation at some point. Like I said. I can eat, smile, chew, talk, etc. without any major problems and I don't look any different (and her vanity rejoices). So it's really not that big of a deal.

So anyway, apart from that one minor teeny weeny little thing, it went really well. I'm a week out and able to eat pretty much whatever I want. Gum is uncomfortable (that probably wasn't my brightest idea...), but at least I'm into solid foods.

Christmas was lovely. Unfortunately, Christmas was day 2 of my recovery, which is sort of unanimously the worst, so I opened my presents and spent like 90% of the rest of the day sleeping. But hey. I'm always like, "Euuguhh *whiny voice* I wish I could just hibernate through Christmas." Well, congratulations, self. You got it.

I got a lot of books (♥♥♥!!!), some perfume and purses and other girly things, and my parents bought me a Nook e-reader! I have been really conflicted about e-readers. As a lit major and book collector, I am a little resentful of a hard shiny machine that wishes to take the place of holding musty old pages in your hands. And while I will ALWAYS prefer to actually hold A BOOK as opposed to reading on a machine, it's a pretty neat little invention. I think it'll come in handy for my classes wherein I have to read like 8 novels. As opposed to carrying them all, I can have them on my Nook. Also, you can highlight and take notes like a real book, so that's pretty awesome, too!

My dad got me this book:

My parents rock.

Anyway, that's about all that's new with me. Oh, I also got this DS game

which my Mom says she got because "it looks like you drew it." SUCCESS! I now have a recognizable, albeit creepy and talentless, drawing style. Also, the game itself is amazingly cute and if you liked the movie, you should give it a whirl.

So I hope you all have been having a really lovely holiday. How were your Christmases? Any exciting plans for the New Year?

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