Great White Snark: Oh tidings of comfort and joy.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh tidings of comfort and joy.

Christmas covers by celebs never fail to amuse. Here are my favs:

Whatever has David Bowie in it is automatically awesome. Add Bing Crosby and it's a party. Such a sweet little song. So cheesy...when I first saw it, I kept waiting for the punch line. There isn't one. This is serious. Sort of.

This irreverent trainwreck of a music video is one of my all-time seasonal favs (this says a lot about how I feel about Christmas...). Budgie + Robert Smith + Siouxsie = SANDWICH OF MAGNIFICENCE. even if they are all high/drunk out of their minds

Sorry to hit you with the "Drummer Boy" twice, but really? Choosing between Bowie and Joan Jett is like choosing between...cupcakes or milkshakes. Or something. I LOVE HER. I wish she'd made a whole Christmas album. BUMMER.

Finally. This is so incredibly silly. I had to share it. XD

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