Great White Snark: General rambling life update post, complete with pics of the renovated house!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

General rambling life update post, complete with pics of the renovated house!

I feel like I haven't done a real blog entry in ages. I feel badly about that. I have a list of excuses a mile long (finals, computer!fail, alien abductions, etc.), but none of them really matter. It's still pretty crummy that I haven't been keeping up with this, because it's genuinely something I really enjoy.

So let's see what's new.

My finals this year aren't actually too terrible. None of them are cumulative *cue Hallelujah chorus*. And the subject matter is pretty easy too. What gets us English majors are the papers due at the end of the semester. The epic, double-digit page numbers, 9 peer-reviewed sources research papers. Of which I had one. And I spent about 42 hours straight writing mine. It was one of those, "go to bed at 12, wake up at 3 to finish it" things. Which I honestly haven't had yet in my college career, so I figured it was about time. And I ended up with 22 pages of scholastic nonsense. I just hope I get an A, or I will cry. Because I HATE losing sleep.

My grandma is coming in for the holidays this week. I'm pretty excited about that, just because it's like, an excuse to do all the schmaltzy Christmas stuff we probably wouldn't do otherwise. Like watching "Miracle on 34th Street" and going light-looking and all that.

Speaking of Christmas, my friend and fellow blogger, Anna, is doing a really nifty "25 Days of Christmas Music" thing. And, to shake it up, every 5 days she's changing the theme of the Christmas songs. It's really cool, so make sure you check it out!

I was thinking of doing a Christmas thing, but I did the Halloween thing instead. < /end excuse-making. >

My mom the other day is like, "Mary, can you make something Christmassy to put in the front yard?" I was like, "sure." So I go to where all the holiday stuff is and start looking around. And then I pull out the stuff I use to make decorations. The box is full of orange and black paper, bat cutouts, and cheesecloth for ghosties. I was like, "We're gonna have a problem here." It made me feel like this moment from "Nightmare" where Jack tries to make a paper snowflake:

Anyway, I have this book, A Christmas Miscellany, which has all these really awesome Victorian articles and recipes about Christmas. My personal favs are the lists of appropriate gifts for each member of your family. So look out for some of those!

Also, I want to show you some of my gift-wrapping. Wrapping presents is really the only part of the season that I don't find somewhat irksome. It's 100% enjoyable and I like to get really creative, so I want to share that with you, too!

So, you might remember how, on August 1st, our house flooded. We've only JUST moved everything back in. I thought I'd share pics (you can see the "before" pics here)!

Details! My uncle designed it for us (he does kitchen remodeling), and he put in all these neat little things, like corner shelves for my mom's cookbooks.

Detail of the backsplash behind the stove.

My mom collects honey pots and stuff, and my dad collects Chinese tea pots, and now they can display them!

So, I didn't want to re-do my bathroom because I LOVED how it was a Halloween bathroom. Made me SO happy. But, I am planning on moving out sometime in the next year or so, and apparently "skulls" is not a motif my mom wants left behind (who knew?). So she's like, "We need to compromise on the bathroom. What do you want?" I half jokingly said I'd like a Marie Antoinette bathroom. Well, this is what we came up with.

I really liked the blue/gray color combination, which luckily works out really well for my mom's favorite shade of soft pink (which I'm warming up to!). It's an unlikely color combo, but I think it works.

The shower curtain and other little details throughout are peppered with bees (another favorite thing of my mom's). She told me the bee is a symbol of the British monarchy, so I dealt with it (also, Sherlock Holmes kept bees. Omg, I just took my geekiness to that level). Now I really like them! It's kind of Victorian and just creepy enough to quell the fact that I have no more ravens and skeletons in there.

I hope you're all doing wonderfully, and expect some seasonal-type posts in the near future. As always, THANK YOU for reading!

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