Great White Snark: Somewhere a band is playing.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Somewhere a band is playing.

-Ray Bradbury

I just finished reading Bradbury's novella Somewhere a Band is Playing. It only took me about 50 minutes to finish, but boy, was it worth it. I loved Bradbury for his science fiction, but this wasn't exactly sci-fi. It was completely strange, but beautiful. Like Vonnegut but without the humor. Also, I chose the pic of Spectre because the whole thing just reminded me SO MUCH of Big Fish. I highly recommend it to lit people. My math and science and logical friends would abhor it.

In other news, my Mom's been converting all of our old VHS tapes to DVD's. And may I just say: it is a DARN good thing my parents did not leave me as an only child or I would have been a MENACE to society. All the worst aspects of my personality manifested themselves in three year old pre-Michael me. It's pretty appalling. But hilarious at the same time.

Also, kudos to my parents for coming up with an extremely creative story as to why Santa Claus couldn't bring me a "magical horse" for Christmas. Apparently this was the only thing I wanted. But I wanted a REAL magical horse. Some things absolutely never change.

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