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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Super 8

I hate feeling like my blog is becoming a place where all I do is talk about crap like TV shows, books, and movies I like. I especially dislike it when I'm all bossy and like, "GO SEE THIS RIGHT NOW OMG."

So I'll keep it short. ;)

Today, I saw Super 8. I was pleasantly surprised! It was actually a really good, solid piece of moviemaking and sci-fi. It was like...E.T./Lost/Signs/War of the Worlds. Which isn't a too-shabby mix. Plus, it was carried really well by a cast of KIDS. With kids, you tend to get a lot of overacting and, especially in scary movies, a ton of obnoxious child-shrieking. But there was little shrieking. Or at least, it wasn't obnoxious. And they were SUCH good actors. My mind was probably more blown by how strong the cast was than by any of the special effects or anything.

It was quite suspenseful and tense in that Abrams-"Lost" way. And it had a very Spielberg feel (think "Jurassic Park" and "E.T."). So if you like either of those two guys, aliens, or good sci-fi stories, it's definitely worth seeing.

Oh also, JJ Abrams: YOUR LENS FLARES, OMG. It's like DARK and there are lens flares. It was SUPER noticeable in "Star Trek", so I was loling when it showed up here too.

JJ Abrams Lens Flare Pictures, Images and Photos

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